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travel with iphoneWith new technology knocking the doors every day, our lifestyles is undergoing a fast paced evolution. Thanks to the iPhone, we travel with technology on our fingertips making it easier and more exciting than ever before. Though it all comes for a price, it’s worth its dime. Deciding to bring it on a trip can change the way you travel.

Here I am mentioning some 15 of such amazing features which will make your travel unforgettable.

1. Flight Stats/ NextFlight

Gone are the days of chills through spine when you got up late to catch a flight only to find upon reaching the airport that the flight is cancelled/ delayed etc. Search for flight status, departure and arrival times, airport and airline information, security wait times and current airport delays, before you reach the airport on your iPhone.

2. Call a cab.

So you reach your location but can’t find a taxi outside the airport. No worries as Rocket Taxi locates you via GPS or Wi-Fi and finds taxi companies near you. Choose a company by star rating, bookmark your favourite companies, map your start and end locations — even get a fare estimate. Then tap once to call a cab. And if you are satisfied, rate the company accordingly for others to choose.

3. Wi-fi Finder

Once you have checked in and before you hit the pool or the bar, you want to quickly answer an important mail then click on the Wi-Fi Finder. This tracks over 200,00 hot spots in 135 countries. And if you don’t want to pay outrageous roaming and data charges just turn off data roaming while travelling abroad.

4. I Am Here

And once connected, let the world know where you are. I am here sends an email with a link to Google maps with accuracy to within a 100 feet.

5. Tweetie/Facebook

Want to keep your friends and family updated with every move. The facebook and tweetie application for twitter lets you relay instant status updates, comments and pictures to your friends and family in real time.

6. Google Earth

When it is the time to do some sightseeing, nothing better than to know before what awaits you. Google Earth allows you to browse satellite images of anywhere in the world. One of the best ways to get a visual lay of the land.

7. Safari

And in the middle of your journey to the site, you got lost and safari came to the rescue immediately. When you tap a street address on a web page in Safari, iPhone automatically opens Maps so you can get directions from wherever you are.

8. Translator

Just got into a cab but you don’t speak the local language and the driver doesn’t speak English. This translate function let’s you type in English and it phonetically translates your sentences. It’s available in hundreds of languages.

iphone9. Currency

While paying the cabbie, you forgot the exchange rate? You can have an instant currency exchange calculator at your fingertips with the I phone.

10. World Nomads

Available in numerous languages, offers translations for numbers and many common travel phrases. Now you can even bargain with nos. if you like.

11. HearPlanet

You find yourself in front of a temple or statue you know nothing about. Impress your traveling buddy with instant facts. Hear Planet tells you what attractions are nearby and the paid version adds audio. It is like having a personal tour guide.

12. Urban spoon and Localpicks

You are to meet an old friend for dinner who is visiting as well. She knows nothing about the city but you can impress her with your knowledge. This application let’s you find the closest restaurant with a simple shake of the phone.Created by Trip Advisor, Localpicks is only for local restaurants but includes ratings for each one as well as links and maps to the restaurants.?

13. G-Park

Now where do you park your rented car for the evening? And the place you park, you know you will never be able to relocate. But with I phone you will. With the G-Park application, you’ll never forget where you parked. When you find a parking place, tap “Park Me!” Then, when it’s time to head back, tap “Where Did I Park?” and follow the turn-by-turn directions to your car. If you park at a meter, be sure to set the timer on your iPhone to alert you when your time runs out.

14. SodaSnap

Turn any photo you snap on iPhone into a picture postcard you can send to friends. Tap the SodaSnap application and browse your photo library for the perfect snapshot. Then write a quick note and SodaSnap turns your photo and message into a digital picture postcard, ready to email.

15. Weather Channel

Not sure whether to go hiking or a museum next day? Weather channel is fantastic application that gives you local weather reports, extended forecasts, radar maps and video reports.

So then, for all travel enthusiasts, this I phone is nothing short of a miracle. Use it and see the difference yourself.

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