Words To Be Avoided In Your Travel Blog Writing

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Travel writingTo write your travel experiences is not an easy task, you have to get right amount of words and creativity to indulge your readers in to reading your travel blog. In our day to day life, we come across so many things that we read let say newspapers or magazines, one thing that catches our attention is the use of words written in a creative way that gets us engrossed in the books but sometimes, it so happens that you nearly get annoyed with the writer as to what exactly he is trying to say for some, the sentence might be confusing and for some the style and yet for some it’s the words or phrases that they don’t like.

When you are all set to write make sure that you don’t use the words which makes your sentence incomplete, don’t let your readers keep guessing as to what you were trying to say. It is a little annoying when you are giving some information relating to travel and you expect your readers to guess for you. I personally hate, when I read all of the whole article and at the end in stead of finding the secret you get to know it will be secret forever as said by the author but this is really not fair, a good writer will never miss out on giving the minutest details of the things he did, or traveled to. Given below are some of the words which should be strictly avoided while writing a travel blog, make your blog look real at the same time it should interest your readers too.

  • The most hated of all is our very own confused words “Best Kept Secret”, what does the writer wants to say by this. If at all he wanted to keep the secret with himself then why did he write the blog at first only just to keep your readers wondering? Avoid using this 3 dreadful words as the readers will never want to read your blogs again.
  • Another most famous is “Et cetera”, for short “etc”. When the writer is describing something and giving the examples, you are interestingly reading them one by one and getting on to the imaginary world and suddenly the word “etc” its so awful even to think of it. Why the word ETC when you are describing them which your readers know nothing about.
  • If you are trying to say someone about how the day was sunny then say it that way rather than using the boring words like sun-dappled or sun-splashed. Your readers already know from the start what you are trying to say in a story so don’t show exaggeration by using such words.
  • When it’s a travel blog you obviously want to tell people about places that you liked the most but what creates disharmony is the fact that you get so excited in to telling your story that you keep on insisting them with the words like “don’t miss” or “must see”. Are you trying to bully them by any which ways? The world is not going to turn up side down if they are going to miss it.
  • Many people use the word “exotic” to express their feelings but they fail to understand that it’s a relative term meaning different or something that is foreign.
  • You are not describing something as a person to term it as “gem”, you cannot term a bungalow as gem or a beach as a gem or “jewel”. Avoid these words they look unpleasant.
  • While speaking about travel, it is not that you stumbled upon a real “treasure trove” and earned millions through it. Describing something we use these words unknowingly but that might give a wrong impression to the reader.
  • While describing the beauty of nature or a place, you speak “breathtaking”, common on, it dint really take your breath away, did it? And if yes then how come you are normal now. Stay in real and let people read the real story.

Its up to the people to make conclusion on your written story, you give your best that you can and walk in the real world and avoid using unrealistic words which sounds so untrue.

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  1. Hey, nice tips…thanks for great work

  2. Christine says:

    A very informative post! I fight the use of the word breath taking myself !

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