Whitehaven Beach: Queensland’s cleanest one

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Not only the pride of Whitsunday island where it resides, but also the crown of Queensland; the Whitehaven beach has grabbed two awards until now – Cleanest beach in Queensland by state awards in 2009 and world’s best eco-friendly beach by CNN in 2010. These are not the only awards won by this beach; there are some more to its honor. However, but these two very awards unveil the main reasons as to why each tourist must take a tour of this Whitehaven beach. The pure cool atmosphere and its clear dunes are among the top draws, which are well maintained by prohibiting cigarette smoking and dogs here.

It goes without saying that the Whitehaven beach is among the most visited sites in Queensland. Its crystal blue waters as well as clean stretch of silica sand over 7 km along the coast makes the beach not only the largest of its kind on Whitsundays, but also as one of the preservers of nature with greatest vibes of hangout as well as relaxation. The moment you come here, you will come to know as to why this beach is so famous as well as the most photographed beach of Australia. By this, I mean that the scenery is so spectacular and so apt that this beach was also entitled as the ‘Most Wonderful Beach in Queensland’ as well as the ‘Friendliest Beach in Queensland’ in 2009.

Among the captivating sceneries here, the best is at the Hill Inlet that is at the north end. It is an amazing bay featuring shifting of sands and water by tides for offering a spectacular blend of colors. One more recommended activity here is an amble up to the vantage point on the island from where you get a unique chance to enjoy the ideal vistas of the Hill Inlet as well as the Whitehaven Beach. When you just walk on these sand dunes that hold more than 95% pure silica giving out the color of white, you will feel this purity for sure.

For those who are like some thrill with joy, the Whitehaven beach offers sea kayaking, ocean rafting, or a jet boat ride on the Whitsunday island. More amazing then this is to have a majestic aerial vista of the iconic beach by traveling on a helicopter or a seaplane. This view combines both adventure (view from height) and joy (serene views) by making you spot the Hill Inlet as well as the whole of the Whitsunday Island. You can also choose to have your own private area on the beach for enjoying a picnic with champagne.

Whitehaven Beach is thronged by superbly fast cruising yachts, ferries, helicopters, and seaplanes. However, you can take a tour of this beach via many different options. A plethora of companies organize both day and overnight charters from the Airlie Beach as well as Shute Harbor. Further, opulent cruising yachts as well as ferries take you on a day trip from the Airlie Beach and also from a few resorts of the island. Alternatively, you can also go for one of the different multi-day charters offered by many sailing companies, which also involve an exciting trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef.

Calm waters of this beach directly points out to easy swimming. Do not think it to be a surfer’s paradise, but in reality, it is the site for those who want to just rejuvenate via sun bathing while soaking in the charm of nature flanking them. However, you can try out scuba diving, kite surfing, and wind surfing. If you come in November here, you can enjoy the open swimming competition called the Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim that belongs to the Hamilton Island Triathlon Event.

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