Weird Amusements at the Grutas Park

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Grutas Park is a lovely sculpture filled garden in Lithuania. So while you are going around the world looking for some intriguing and weird amusements, then do make it a point to visit the Grutas Park for it is certain to fill your travels with interesting themes and exciting activities.

It is an exposition of the Soviet relics that have existed here from the time of the Lithuanian SSR. The park is situated near Druskininkai around 130 kilometers from the region of Vilnius.

Then Lithuania got independence in the year 1990 and there were many statures of Soviet that were dumped in many places. Then Malinauskas requested the Lithuanian authorities to take over these sculptures so that a museum could be built and this would be financed privately. With the wetlands in the region of the Dzukija National Park forming the main background, the Grutas Park is not without its share of beautiful sights. With the sights of the recreation of the Soviet Gulag prison camps the guard towers, wooden paths and the barbed wire fences are all a great source of intrigue for the people coming here.

Grutas Park
Initially the establishment had a lot of opposition and the very existence of the park was challenged. There were many ideas that were taken out for the park but it was never permitted. There were ideas of having the tourists being taken around in a train that was styled like the Gulag. Then Malinauskas won the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2001 and thus the founder of the Grutas Park got famous. Since the year 2007, the park has always been in a dispute with the Lithuaninan protection agency. It is said that the agencies needs royalties. These royalties were to be given to the artists from Lithuania who made these statues.

The Grutas Park looks very nice and is a source of excitement to people coming here. With the most fascinating playgrounds, cafes and a mini zoo, the park is really a great sight with the relics of the Soviet era. There are occasions when there is a reenactment of the festivals which are sponsored by the Soviet Government.

So come here and see the 86 statures which are made by 46 sculptors and these are organized into different spheres. The statues feature the Socialist activist and many of them also feature the ethnic Lithuanians. There is the totalitarian sphere features the sculptures of the main thinkers and the leaders of the communist area. So you can see lovely representations of Joseph Stalin, Vladimir and Karl Marx. Then there is the Terror Sphere which is meant for the Lithuanian founders and also for the Red Army officers. There is a sculpture of Felix Dzerzhinsky who was the organizer of Red Terror.

Joseph Stalin

Then there is the Soviet Sphere which is inclusive of the Lithuanian Communists with their four leaders who were executed after the coup d’etat of 1926 in Lithuania. It also has the activists of the Soviet War of 1918 and 1919 which was there in Lithuania. Then the Red sphere is totally dedicated to the Soviet Partisans like maryte Melnikaite. Then the Death and the Occupation Sphere show the brutal side of the Soviet regime, the way the Lithuanian partisans were suppressed, and also about the mass deportations.

Grutas Park is a site around 75 miles outside the region of Vilnius, and it doesn’t have a Ferris wheel or a roller coaster. But with the presence of the sculptures of the Soviet era the entire region is filled with a kind of intrigue and mystical value. Existing since the year 2001, this is a place which is a great reminder of the oppressions of the past. So if you are planning a trip here do try to attend the annual comedy festival that is held on April 1. This features great impersonations of the bigwigs and bureaucrats of the Communist Party.

Grutas Park
Grutas Park is sometimes known as the “park of totalitarianism” and “Stalin’s world” and is a greatly amusing zone of absolutely fascinating pleasures. The park has also added a zoo which is filled with ostriches and peacocks.

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