Very Vacation, Very Vanuatu

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Planning a vacation to Vanuata? Great! The scintillating islands have it all to make your vacation a truly memorable one. If Vanuata makes you think just of gentle winds and amazing cuisines, it’s time to brush up! This place offers exotic experiences that are unmatched by any other offerings of any other place. Vanuata clearly stands unique, to its own for the many visitors coming in.

In the crystal sparking waters which make for a diver’s favorite pool also is an anchor forever to a luxury liner that got stranded and has ever since been partially floating and partially sunk to the Vanuata waters. The island of Tanna is a blazing with the most active volcanic eruption and not just view it from a distance, but they also make for an accessible spot. That’s not all to this place, feeling like a Tarzan must never be more realistic. Would you believe there is a banyan tree! Okay, what’s really the big deal with a banyan tree? But if that banyan tree is to spread as greatly as the expanse of a football field, then am sure you mouth would also be as widely open as mine! Then there are the white ribbon-like waterfalls, a very rich cultural heritage and the very beautiful dance forms emerging from the Malekuja islands. And, after everything else, how can the very anticipated session of snorkeling be left behind? Yes, so that’s Vanuatu in a tiny glimpse for you!

Vanuatu island

The major concentration of some of the greatest hotels and restaurants for the traveler sort, is at the capital place of the island of Efate called the Port Vila. With visitors and tourists thronging in large numbers, there are hotels that overlook the amazing views of the bay and beaches.

Just sit back, laze around, sip on a drink and absorb the sun splendors of this amazing destination. Snorkel away to the depths of the sea to explore the bounty of the marine world. From the other host of other activities that an individual can indulge in include the exciting parasailing over the crystal seas, trotting out a cave with icy-arrows of stalactites and so much more.

The best deal about Vanuatu is the friendly locals who make visiting the place all so delightful. Their friendly smiles and content nature is what adds to the experience of visiting the place.

Most Definite Things to do while in Vanuatu

  • Efate Island:
    The capital of Efate Island called the Port Vila is one of the culturally charged places. The area is also very famous for its watersports options, and one can indulge in exciting activities offered here.

Efate Island

  • Espiritu Santo Island:
    These islands are on the top priorities of the visitor when it comes to scuba-diving. The crystal waters and marine habitat is one of the perfect places to take a scuba diving session.

Espiritu Santo Island

  • Tanna Island:
    The Tanna Island are where one can find the most active volcanoes that are bubbling with molten rocks. They are also very accessible for the traveler.

Tanna Island

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  1. Barbara King says:

    This is the second time in recent days I’ve heard someone glowingly describe Vanuatu. 16 years ago I stopped there for a day and loved it. Sounds like it’s grown up but still a natural beauty! Thanks for the update!

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