Unusual Asian Hotels

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Visit Asia and find the pleasures of a lovely land filled with the best kind of travel destinations and the most comfortable hotels in this part of the world. Asia is one of the creative continents in the entire world. With the latest technology and the best of designs the hotels in Asia are a force to reckon with.

With the emerging Asian nations proving to be a great source of entertainment, the hotel stays here are very refreshing, relaxing and comfortable. Asia has some of the best off beat hotels so let us see how these hotels are strangely interesting and fascinatingly magnificent.

Unusual Asian Hotels

Visit the Safariland Tree house Resort in India and enjoy the lovely sights in this part of the world. Located in a deep jungle this is a weird and unusual Asian hotel. It has four tree houses and these are found standing around 15 feet above the ground. Each tree house is constructed out of materials obtained from local sources like bamboos. These huge tree houses give the best views of the jungle streams and them mountains below. Each of the rooms here are paid for and thus this Asian hotel is one of the most unusual ones here. Also it is a great eco tourist destination and also a wildlife region filled with activities like mountain hikes, elephant rides, bonfires and wildlife treks.

Safariland Tree house Resort

Then you have the Imperial Boat House in Thailand which is situated on the lovely Cheong Mon Beach in Thailand. Made up of around 34 authentic teakwood rice barges, this has been modified into a luxurious beachfront suite. With a ship shaped swimming pool, this Asian hotel has barges that are converted into around 91 square metres of living space. It also has a magnificent sundeck and separate living rooms alongwith a sky lit bathroom. Imperial Boat House Hotel has the pleasures of elephant rides on the beach and the recycled barges are very comfortable and convenient and surely provide unique ways of spending holidays in Asian hotels.

Three Camel Lodge

Visit the Three Camel Lodge in Mongolia and enjoy this nomadic retreat in this part of the world in Gobi desert. This is a hotel with a traditional design  and is an ideal eco friendly region here. There are many shades of Mongolian Buddhist architecture here and the hotel has around 30 gers or tents. These tents are made of wood and felt and the uniqueness is because of the fact that it doesn’t have any nail to bind it together. It is a wilderness camp in the true making and is an ecologically developed zone and has both solar as well as wind power. The tents here are expensive but comfortable to stay. So if you want an authentic Mongolian ger in the middle of a desert then visit this lovely hotel in this part of Asia.

World Hotel

Then you have the First World Hotel which is the second largest hotel in the world, the first largest hotel being the MGM Grand in las Vegas. It has around 6000 rooms and is situated in the Genting Highlands in Pahang in Malaysia. The hotel by itself is not what makes the hotel weird; instead it is the exuberant colours in the hotel that makes it a special and unusual hotel. The façade of the hotel is what makes the hotel feature as one of the most unusual hotels in Asia.

The bright colours of the hotel are a perfect match for the manner in which the hotel provides entertainment and relaxation and has a theme park which provides the tourists every reason to come back. T he lounges and the casinos notwithstanding the trips here to this hotel are filled with a lot of memories and travel delights.

The Hang Nga Guesthouse

Then there is the Crazy Hotel in Vietnam which is another unusual hotel in this part of Asia. It is officially called the hang Nga Guesthouse and the locals call the hotel The crazy Hose Hotel. Constructed in the year 1990, in Dalagt this is a hotel that resembles a tree house and is more like a fairytale castle than a hotel in its true sense. It has a curved exterior and interior and many stone structures all of them resembling animals. The entire place is surrounded by these structures and thus the trips to this part of Vietnam are surely one that provides a great tour attraction.

Asia is a continent that offers the best kind of travel pleasures and Asian hotels stand out in terms of hospitality and warmth. There are some unusual Asian hotels which provide the tourists with a lot of comfort and travel delights.

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