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When you are in South America, the Patagonian land is one place you should surely not miss. The surroundings provide you with a beautiful feeling of being in the right place at the right time. Amongst the ideas to make your South American travel interesting, a visit to Patagonia is surely a fantastic one and is really a must do in travels to this part of the world.

With a sea of nothingness and lovely sights of bunch grasses in desolate areas, the tours here are filled with awe and surprise. The harsh climate of the steppe region makes the landscape here very interesting and unique. The howling winds only complement the different experience here and tourists come back with a cherished travel kitty of estancias or ranches and god forsaken villages.

Places to Visit in Patagonian land

The place has been in existence since hundreds of years and they bring out the spirit of an old Patagonia land where settlers and Anglican missionaries dominated life. They were here to evangelize luck. There are many tales of adventurers like The Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy notwithstanding the outlaws of American origin who used to urn the land here. So the log cabins on the outskirts of Cholila a beautiful village here used to be the mainstay of everyday life here in earlier days.

Patagonia is also famous for the volcano Mount Hudson that is seen bordering the southern part of Andes between the regions of Chile and Argentina. In the early half of the nineties, Mount Hudson blew its top with a typical apocalypse nature and lot of livestock died and the entire area was weakened. The ewes were destroyed and this is popularly called the Pompeii of Patagonia.

Mount Hudson in Patagonian
Since this event, Patagonia is a tourist spot for travelers who love to come here, tour the estancias, and spend time in an ancient historical land in South American travels.

So get spiced in South America travels by visiting Patagonia and come back with a valuable experience.


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