Unexplained Creatures of Angkor and Some Facts

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Amongst the best Cambodian jungles, the land of Cambodia is a hidden treasure for many tourists. With the best remains of a great civilization, this is a place that is inhabited by the Khmer people and today there are many who visit this part of Angkor and get to see a glimpse of the biggest royalty in this once existing proud city. Most of the visitors love to see the beauty of the temples here which have a great effect here in this city which is really majestic. There are beautiful decorative carvings that decorate the entire building. These inscriptions describe the events of the daily life, and there are great military conquests here which are very intriguing and interesting and give the delights of great mythological creatures. Most of the animals here are fantastic and are shown at Angkor in true mythological fashion. They are believed to be a representation of an era that existed in the past.

The Khmer are believed to have developed a very unique culture here in Cambodia around 2000 years back and there was early communication with the traders from India and they have had a great influence on the society and thus have brought forth mathematical, agriculture and literary knowledge to these regions in Cambodia which lie on the coast. There were lot of Hindu beliefs that thus found ground here and so the worship of Shiva and Vishnu is also seen here.


The Mahayana kind of Buddhism then came to the Khmer group and this was followed by the Theravada Buddhism sometime in the 13th century. The Angkor stone carvings show the way the Buddhist and the Hindu beliefs are important here and thus the entire story of this region is very fascinating.

The Hindu mythology shows a great representation of the common creatures at Angkor. The Garuda is the most unique of animals here and this creature is made of the wings, talons, with the head of an eagle and the body of a man. The Garuda is one of the three very important deities in the Indian mythology and is believed to the serpent’s enemy.

Some of the most impressive examples of this Garuda is seen at the Angkor and is found in the walls here and provides a very impressive sight. The Preah Khan walls are filled with great sights and thus make the delights of wonderful giant trees totally fused with a lot of stonework in the site. The Garuda is a mythological creature and is made up of a combination of the man and the eagle and is the main attraction in trips to Angkor.

Angkor temple

Then there is the towering temple here with a vast delight ad gives the pleasures of a great region filled with the most enchanting sights. As one passes the outer gates, the causeway here is flanked with a seven headed serpent or Naga and this then leads into the central temple complex.

The Naga is a snake made up of huge proportions and has a great South East Asian influence. This is the mainstay feature here in Angkor and visits here are sure to enchant the tourist completely. There are many abilities of the Naga and many legends and myths that are attached to it. These Nagas have the power to convert into human form and also walk like a man. The Buddhist scriptures show the many methods that are available to the Nagas and this includes a fatal bite that could be poisonous.


South East Asia is a land filled with the best sights of giant serpents. There is another Hindu deity that is found very commonly found it the region of Angkor is the Indian god Hanuman who is shown in great depictions here and this is found in Banteay Samre. Monkeys live in great numbers here and they are found inhabiting the forest densely here.

Enjoy the beautiful pleasures of Angkor and see the unexplained creatures here.

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