Trekking Pleasures in Arunachal Pradesh

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Arunachal Pradesh is in the northeastern part of India has ideal trekking destinations and great travel pleasures. The trekking season here starts from the month of October to February and has the most pleasurable travel delights. Anyone who comes to this part of India would surely love to be enveloped in this green canopy and covered with the most natural ambience. With the beautiful background of mountains and hills, the state has a lot of reason to be proud about. Tourists coming here enjoy the experience of being in the most pristine surroundings.

While on a trekking tour it is also important that you get to experience the best parts of this lovely state and also see the most fascinating travel delights. Ensure you take your trekking shoes and equipment and have a good trekking guide who would help you to organize your tour here.

Arunachal Pradesh trekking
Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most fascinating northeastern Indian states and is one of the most unexplored regions of the Himalayas. This is a botanical paradise and has a lot of trekking opportunities and gives ideal travel memories. The kind of plants that are found here are very rare and are not found anywhere in the world. The climate here is of the tropical kind and has some semi tropical climate in certain areas. The plantations here are fascinating and enthralling and give cherishable experiences.

The journey here is very strenuous and is equally adventurous too. It is a great challenge to trek through the terrains of this interesting state and has a charming and elegant surrounding which makes the entire trek a great experience.

A trek to Arunachal Pradesh would sort from the West Kameng district of this state and would cover the tribal villages of Monpas. Then you could also go for a visit to the Tawang monastery.

Tawang Monastery
You can also visit the Guwahati Tezpur Trek which starts with the manager receiving you at the Guwahati airport. Then you can go to Tezpur after staying governing at a hotel here. From Tezpur you can go to Bomdila and then to Thembang where you would start the trek.

The trek starts from the Thembang region and you could trek to the Semnak village from here. Stay overnight here in camps at Semnak. This is the Thembang Semnak trek.

Thembang Semnak trek
From Semnak you can trek to a place called Lagam. At lagam you can stay overnight. From Lagam the trek proceeds to Chander. Here you get to see the Chander village which will give the best sights of the Himalayas. The peaks of the Himalayas exude a great scenic brilliance here in this part of the world.

From Chander  after you  climb around 5500 feet and walk about 7 km. here you can drive down to Dirang and then trek to Shangti. From Shangti you would comeback to Dirang and proceed on the trek.

Chander climb
From Dirang the trek proceeds to Tawang, the lovely Arunachal locale. This is the centre of Buddhism of Mahayana sect. Here you can stay overnight and then wait to see the beautiful sights that await you here.

At Tawang you get to see the world famous Tawang Monastery. Here you would get to see beautiful sights and interesting places. So a full day would go here sightseeing and looking around the region.

From Tawang you would go to Bomdila which is another intriguing place. From Bomdila the trek takes you to Nameri National Park which is another camp resort situated near the River Jia Bhoroli.

Nameri National Park camp resort Nameri National Park camp resort

The tour ends here and this trek in Arunachal Pradesh is an enriching and interesting experience.

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