Trekking Experiences at Talley Valley

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Arunachal Pradesh with its lovely trekking locales provides the ideal trekking pleasures to a person wanting to get the best of adventure experiences here in this state in the northeastern part of India.

Out of the many valleys that are suitable for trekking, the Talley Valley trek is a mesmerizing experience. One of the most virgin locales in the state , this is a totally radiant region of the best kind of greenery, and the most irresistible sights of glacial terrain along with fascinating alpine meadows and fantastic sub tropic rain forest regions.

Talley Valley trek

Tourists from across the world come here and enjoy the magnificent bio diversity of this region and also seep in the culture and traditions of the locals of Arunachal Pradesh. So all those who wish to have the best of ecotourism and the most memorable adventure pleasures here in Arunachal Pradesh, can blindly head here and enjoy the benefits of being in an exciting and awe inspiring trekking locale.

Talley Valley trekking is one of the most famous Arunachal Pradesh trekking zones. Talley the plateau has some of the finest eco trails in this part of the country. With the dense surrounding of vegetation and the best scenic sights this lovely pine clad zone is a region of absolute magnificence and total delight to many. The thrilling experiences here at the height of 2400metres, give trekkers an experience they would never forget. The village of Apatani and the beautiful sights of the paddy fields is another added beauty in the trekking pleasures in Talley Valley. Also the fact that you might also sight the clouded leopard which is an endangered species is a great attraction for many.

Arunachal Pradesh trekking

The Tour

The Talley Valley Tour is a fun filled and active expedition which is for nine days and starts from Guwahati. Then you can come back by the same route and reach the end of the trek.

  • Day 1- You will reach Guwahati, and being escorted to Tezpur.
  • Day 2-You can take a morning ride to Ziro. Here while going to Ziro, you will see Itanagar, which is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. Here there are some museums, Gonpa and historical places to see.
  • Day 3- Would have you going from Ziro to Pange. At Pange amidst the most beautiful surroundings you can have a stay over in an overnight tent camp.
  • Then Day 4 -will have you trekking to Talley Valley. Here again you would tent at the Tent Camp.

Tent Camp

  • On Day 5- You will trek the whole of Talley Valley. Get enchanted by the sighs and scenes here and take in as much as you can so that you can take it back as your travel memory here.
  • Day 6 -You can go to to Pange from Talley Valley. This 21 km trek would tire you out and you can stay overnight at a tent camp here.
  • Day 7- is the day when you go to the Apatani tribal village. This village with its peculiar customs and traditions and beautiful lifestyle enthralls you, and you would certainly enjoy this experience. On this day you would reach Zero which is around 18 km from Pange.
  • On Day 8- You can proceed to a place called Daprijo which is around 153 km, go by car. And here you will see the tribal villages of the Nishi and the Hill Miri. Totally delighted by the experience you would reach the end of your trekking tour which can be enhanced by a further visit to Along, Dibrugarh etc and then fly back to Delhi or your place of travel.

The Talley Valley trek is a lovely experience in the adventure tours to Arunachal Pradesh in India.

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