Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 7 & 8

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The day was bright, everything was moving at a slow pace, as I stood in my hotel balcony I gazed at clear skies, chirping birds, river flowing by the pool, I was enjoying every bit of my time here. It seemed like the time was moving faster than usual as our manager knocked in at the door, in no time I was out with my fully loaded luggage and hand baggage. We all were relaxed enjoying every bit of the lovely time we spent together; we were supposed to go back to Cochin, to catch our flight back Mumbai.

day7aAs we drove down the mountain hill of Munnar, for the very last time I gazed at the vast scenic beauty of nature with lovely breeze passing by. First few minutes we were able to just spot tea plantations around the place belonging to private companies, the other 15 minutes I just saw pulp trees at both the sides of the road, the rubber trees were tied with polythene bags in one row to extract rubber, it was pleasant to see them all in hundreds and thousands. Later as we drove down more, I could sense the climate around was changing, the cold weather was turning to hotter climate and soon I saw sun brightly shining on the top of sky with heat pinching on my skin.

Five hours of non-stop drive and we were at Hotel Mermaid, the best known hotels in Cochin now known as Kochi. The hotel had a total of 60 rooms, they had everything we could think of, private swimming pool, party halls, discotheque, private kitchen area, private battery boat that would take us around the lake side, etc. after reaching hotel, I felt a little lethargic as the climate was hot outside, a quick nap of 30 minutes and we all were back to the lunch area where I could enjoy steaming hot food. After lunch, we left to visit Kochi’s best known market, a 20 minutes drive from the hotel, situated at 8 km was broadway, marine drive and Jayalakhsmi store which we were supposed to visit.

As I got down at Marine drive, my eyes twinkled looking at vast sea area and wonderful sitting arrangements, the place was clean and neat and I could see people eating fast food items, ice cream parlors, coffee shops, etc. there were various boat services which included one hour trip – taking you to visit places like oil tanker berth, Norwegian fishing centre, cochin shipyard, southern naval command, fertilizer berth, container terminal. The 2 hour trip included visiting all the above places plus fort cochin, Chinese fishing net, dolphin area, sea mouth, vallarpadam terminal, bolghatty palace, the 3 hour trip included all the above places plus Mattancherry jewish synagogue and dutch palace. I didn’t had much time on my hands to visit and take the travel packages so I sat there enjoying the cool breeze of the sea sipping a hot cup of coffee.

Next 30 minutes, I was browsing the very famous Kochi broadway market which is very similar to Delhi’s chandni chowk, where you can get everything you can ever think of, including different types of oils, stainless steel utensil shops, spices, handicrafts, clothing shop, etc. it was an exciting experience here, seeing the whole place so crowded with people, a huge market where all bargaining takes place, you need to know the correct price of the product. There was one herbal ayurvedic shop which was really eye catching, there were different types of oils and extracts which were available, there were tulsi oil, gingergrass oil, vetiver oil, sandal oil, tea tree oil, geranium oil, lavender oil, cinnamon leaf oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon grass oil, cardamom oil, pepper oil, clove oil, champhor oil, neem oil, winter green oil, crotton oil, olive oil, almond oil, honey, small honey, wild honey and varied perfumes. One hour of shopping bargains and I was happily loaded with aromatic oil and herbal oils, you could smell me from a distance with all the oils and perfumes I had tried on me.

day7Kochi is the place where people can get good quality items at good rates but if you are looking to buy something really nice and unique, you cannot forget to visit its mega Jayalakshmi saree mall at M.G, road, here you can get all ladies, kids and gents wear, the total of 4 floor building the last 2 floors were solely dedicated for exclusive Kerala Sarees. I could see the females working there were wearing traditional Kerala sarees, a typical off-white starched sarees with golden straps at the borders. The shopping mall was huge which was exclusively made for saree enthusiast, we were all in a group and sported people coming from different parts of world. The price range of the saree started from a mere 300 bucks to 5000 Indian rupees, you could get each and every type of saree here. After having detailed information of the sarees here, how they are printed and stuff we preceded for our drive back to hotel, hot tea and coffee were waiting for us at the dinner area. We were all very excited about our tour to the market and mall specially, back to room we were packing our bags for our flight tomorrow, we were supposed to move out of the hotel at sharp 8’0 clock in the morning as we got an SMS from airlines to come 2 hours early due to traffic congestion. Right at 8 in the morning, we drove to airport in a sparkling white Toyota Innova (service provided by our tour manager), it was a smooth drive as there was no traffic in the morning. As soon as we arrived at the airport, we were relaxed to know that we have reached well on time and the traditional look of the airport made us feel homely, with comfortable cushion seats with clean and neat rest rooms.

Two hours of wait, we enjoyed every bit of our time together with the group and clicked some most memorable photographs, some had few bites of sandwiches and cold coffee at the Café Coffee Day outlet inside the airport. We were feeling lucky to have visited this place in our lifetime and will be the most memorable experience, we were a little excited coming back home and a little sad about missing our lovely times here, but I am glad that I had put all my memories across to people around through my blogs. I hope you have well visualized the beauty of Kerala through my blogs, next time I am going to get you even more exciting stuff during my next visit till then good bye.

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