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Paulo CoelhoIn one of his famous bestsellers, Paulo Coelho mentioned a man, a faithful Muslim man who dreamt of going to Mecca one day. When the alchemist asked him the reason why he is not going, he wisely said, “Because it is the thought of Mecca that keeps me alive. That’s what helps me face these days that are all the same…I am afraid that if my dream is realized, I will have no reason to keep living.”

If you are still reading on, then definitely you are one of the two categories mentioned above. You have dreamt of trotting around the globe but are still thinking on 5Ws and 1H (What, Where, Who, Why, When & How). Some people are fortunate enough to have realised their goals while others are still contemplating.  If you belong to the latter, then just read on, get inspired, pack your bags and LEAVE.

If you are a true travel enthusiast, listen to your heart and take on the unimaginable journey that you want to embark on. Don’t worry about anything and follow these simple tips. Trust me; you will never regret it in your life.

  • Thorough research: Whichever continents you have planned to visit, do a thorough research on them in advance. And by research, I don’t only mean guidebooks but real people who have been there and done that before. For this I recommend the umpteen nos. of travel blogs or sites available on the Internet. Read them well and plan your trip wisely.
  • Prepare yourself: Mostly, it is a decision of a life time. Think hard and prepare yourself in advance. If you are addicted to home comforts, look out and see the less fortunate’s lifestyle. Keeping a minimum budget for luxury, while travelling is the wisest thing to do. Trust me when I say, a few days of hardship is going to do you good.
  • Start saving smartly: Once you have decided on the journey, be wise and start saving judiciously. In this world there is nothing like a free lunch and you should prepare yourself for that. Start sorting out your finances and pay off any debts or pending credit card bills. When you plan your trip financially, keep at least a 10% of the amount, extra for any emergency.
  • Prepare others: When you leave for months to go around the world make sure your friends and family support your decision. After all it is them who are going to take care of your house, pets, business etc.
  • Take precautions: Make sure that before you embark on such journeys you are in the finest of health. Do health checks and take all relevant vaccines. After all it’s always better to take precautions.

One ‘big tip for your big trip’ is to go and book your tickets. The sense of travelling and the freedom that it entails will sink in faster once you have done that. Perhaps it’s because once you’ve booked your flights, there is no way of ‘going back’ left. So buck up and go far away. Bon voyage!!!!

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  1. Debi Prasad says:

    The author seems to be an avid traveler. His or her acumen on an issue like ‘traveling’ reflects from this finely written piece. The lead of the article is fantastic. No doubt, anyone done with this piece of information will have a prefect journey next time. “listen to your heart and take on the unimaginable journey that you want to embark on.”….should be the ultimate mantra for a travel enthusiast. And don’t forget to follow the rules mentioned in the article..

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