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Italy is one of the most famous, popular and vibrant countries in this part of the world. With the best surroundings of mountains and the most popular ambience of beaches and ruins, Italy is certainly a heavenly page from the past. It has been existing since 3000years and has many places of interest to be visited.

Visit Rome which is said to be the capital that was not constructed in one day. Explore the places in Rome and get to see things that otherwise you would have been dreaming of. This is the place where you can walk where Caesar once had and where y9ou can see the Vatican and get enchanted. Also see the Trevi fountain which is famous actress the world for its magnificence and simplicity.

Then go to Florence which is the place where renaissance thrived. It is the home for popular people like David and is the place where you get the best of goodies. Gelato here is very famous and the Tuscany wine is really a must do.

Venice is another place to be visited here and is the perfect destination for families and couples. Sit here in the St.  Markas Square and enjoy the sight of the beautiful pigeons here. Stroll down the tiny alleys and also ensure you don’t miss the gondola ride in the canals. Venice comes out to be expensive for the tourists but it is really worth every Euro that you spend.

Then go to Cinque Terra which is another beautiful land which has cliffs overlooking the ocean. This is a breathtaking region and you can spend the entire time here exploring the place through the 12 km trail. This trail links the town with other tiny streets and is a must do in tours here. Enjoy the small cafes and experience the pleasures of the olive groves in the hills and relax over a shot of Limoncello.

Sicily is another popular destination here that has to be included in travels to this part of Italy. It has a long history of culture and tradition and is a lovely place to explore. The simple visual delights of the countryside are something that is very enchanting and memorable.

Then visit Turin a very important Italian city in the north. Very popular as the home of the shroud, Turin is a place that also is famous for the 2006 Olympics. Situated very near the Alps the river Po flows through this city and has villas making up the entire region. Turin today is really a great place to be in and an ideal travel locale.

Then you have the Isle of Capri on the Gulf of Naples. This has been a very important tour locale for many who come here. Since the time of the Romans this resort destination is a must do around the world and during the summer months has a lot of tourists visiting just to enjoy the simple delights here.

Go to Sorrento which is also called the Sorrento the gateway to the coast of Amalfi and is situated on the Bay of Naples. It is a busy place in summer and the city has the best kind of sea sport which has been a popular activity here since long. It has a very rich history and a journey to Italy is incomplete without visiting this place.

Then of course you have Abruzszo which is where you would find some of the best preserved Renaissance and medieval hill towns. Most of them lie inside the national parks thus making Abruzzo a top destination in Italy’s tours.

Italy is a land with the best cuisine and the most enchanting architecture. Thus Italy is one of the most preferred tour destinations. With the sights of the cities and the beauty of the architecture, tours to this part of the world are certainly an eye opener in many ways.

Enjoy tours to Italy and experience the pleasures of being in a fantastic travel destination.

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