Travel Panama City – Gold Panning Paradise Part-II

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PanamaThe ruins of Panama la Viego, the original Panama City, located north-east of downtown Panama City, is the oldest Spanish settlement found on the Pacific. It was once a flourishing city that was destroyed by invaders. In 1976, it had been declared as a historic site. The multiple storied Cathedral situated at the far end of the ruins has the most picture perfect views. Other structures like the Jesuit Church, Covenant among several other houses, halls are quite impressive. Located on the east of the ruins is the Panama Viejo Museum that has numerous historical displays like artifacts, paintings amongst others.

The bustling city of Colon on the Atlantic has splendid historic sites, ruins of panamapristine beaches and the mammoth widely popular duty-free trade zone that now houses the novel cruise port called Colon 2000. The Portobelo National Park is located in a scenic cove side village that has the relics of five Spanish citadels, a reinstated treasure home and the entombment place of Sir Francis Drake. Explore the historical significance of the Fort San Lorenzo or explore the wilderness of the Changres or the El Cope National Park. One gets a true sense of the Panama Canal when the Gutan Locks is emptied for overhaul. Water from the Gatun Lake, the main reservoir of the canal, flows to fill the great locks which are a massive 1000 feet long, 110 feet wide and 80-82 feet high.

panamaThe Cuna Indians, staunch custodians of a pristine mainland rain forest, the Comarca De San Blas, inhabit 50 of the more than 300 San Blas Islands also called Cuna Yala. The Playon Chico town with its 3000 occupants is quite an appealing destination to visit. Nusagandi is the centre of the 50,000 acre Cuna-run forest Park and wildlife reserve.

Bocas del Toro, an archipelago situated close to the Costa Rican border bocas delhas a myriad of forested emerald landscapes, many of which are made green with ever stretching banana plantations that carpet the north-west. The main island settlements of Bastimentos and Bocas del Toro are distinctly and unexpectedly West Indian, giving one the sense of Jamaica or Barbados being magically plopped down off the coast of Panama. The old-fashioned aura of these island settlements with their frame houses that dot the streets proffer fine views. Bocas del Toro has some of the most unspoiled, captivating places in Panama. Its isolated beaches of white sand lined with palms caress any care away.

Travel Panama City – Gold Panning Paradise Part-I

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