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map of faroe islandThe fascinating Faroes are simply a short air-trip away from the United Kingdom; still they would be vouched as the rather off-beaten tracks to be ventured out for a standard tourist. Afloat in the foaming engorges of the northern Atlantic; the mystic eighteen part jigsaw riddle of islands is a tasteful blend of primeval and ultra-contemporary.

Vivid-hued small houses and sward-covered wood-based minsters pin the spotlight to the majestically bare highlands. Ageless clusters of stone-speckled bridle paths zigzag through to the Cake Mountains that are layered with steep rugged rocks. The smallest formerly-remote village settlements are presently well-connected by a notable succession of road conduits. One is never communicably out of range, even as one explores the spectacular fjords aboard a decades- old rigged boat.

The Faroe Islands are a delight for moor-hikers and bird-zoologists that are fine with the erratic climate. The wonderfully exuberant grasslands that are uniquely scythed down by herds of sheep, the celestial green-hued meadows, tweeting puffins, somersaulting skuas and free-veering fulmars soar over woozy gorges. Capes tattered by wave currents conclude in plummeting crags that proffer spectacular sights with the brawly winds taking many a trekkers unawares.

Streymoy is considered the biggest of the Faroe Islands and is abode to the world’s tiniest capital town, Tórshavn. Streymoy boasts of the islet’s most spectacular panoramas. One is simply awestruck by the sights of a plethora of precipices on the north-west side of Streymoy that soars up to more than five hundred metres in height.

Aptly considered the superlative appeal for sightseers in Faroes Islands is the astounding boat ride to the lofty Vestmanna Bird Cliffs. It is truly a memorable boat ride as one dips below soaring rock faces, meandering through bristly rock summits on course through areas between constricted steep slopes. The Vestmanna Bird Cliffs are a birdwatcher’s paradise where one can revel at the breeding grounds of several unique bird forms, with spectacular sights and sounds of birds chirping and squealing as they glide high above like countless white spots in the sky.

The alluring, sociable island of Suðuroy is engagingly un-travelled in comparison to its key industrial and transportation focal point, Tvøroyri. It tenders the most distinctive pub experiences and budget friendly boarding houses. The Suðuroy Island might seem a tad less spectacular in comparison to North Eysturoy, but it is an idyllic location to indulge in hiking expeditions to unearth its precipitous inlet gnawed waves. One can hitch a road ride to brace numerous endearing views as one undertakes exploring the plummeting west coast located bird crags.

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  1. Jessy says:

    It’s a secret revealed for me; something that close & potent can go unnoticed. It’s to damn attractive………..
    Combination of nature & city is gonna make it fabulous contrast to in……
    Another thought, anybody has any idea about its sea life?

  2. Sam says:

    From sea birds to whales, variety is ample. I guess that’s what sets it a class apart! You are gonna fall in love with the place. It’s charm was sheer magic, a memory I wouldn’t ever forget. Trust me, it’s not just for the whales, birds & mountains you know, its nature in form you have never seen before……

  3. Sam says:

    Sam, cool……
    Your description is out of this world..
    But I like Ricky, as the best of both worlds is combined well in article; nature & culture, what say? Balance of city & villages of Faroe Islands is significant; right?

  4. Dan says:

    I am not entirely sure whether I would get time, however can you tell me the season for venturing into it’s beauty? What’s kinda historical background of place?

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