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While on tours to South America, enjoy the pleasures of being in a travel paradise and bask in the delights of a beautiful land filled with the best possible tour experiences. Puerto Iguazu in South America is one such beautiful travel destination in this part of the world. Located at a place where the three countries, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet, this is one location that is a must see in tours to South America. With the Tancredo Neves Bridge connecting Iguazu with Brazil, this is a place where one gets to see interesting sights and memorable locales.

The Mborore Museum is one such place here where you get to see the best of museum collections. Besides, you also have a bird rehabilitation centre where you get to know a lot about birds and their descriptions. The Iguazu National Park is another place of interest for travellers providing the best of natural ambience and the most of serene surroundings. With the Iguazu waterfalls complementing the beauty of the natural magnificence here, it is a totally unique experience to visit this one stop destination in South American tours. Visit the Iguazu waterfalls and marvel at the manner in which they fall from a height of around 270 feet. It is said that there are at least 275 waterfalls here. With the warm winters and the hot summers, the temperatures test the traveller’s capacity when they rise yet the interested tourist would more than adjust to all these natural changes and enjoy his tours to Puerto Iguazu.

Iguazu Waterfalls

Tourists mainly get attracted by the natural beauty here and enjoy the lovely scenery alongwith the pleasures of being in a beautiful land. Visit the Three Frontiers Landmark here and see how beautifully the regions of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil come alive here. This is a spot that remains etched in your mind and is a must see in Puerto Iguazu.

Then of course as mentioned you have the Iguazu Falls, which is today, regarded as one of the natural wonders in the world. Enjoy the pleasures of sighting a toucan, caiman and much more. Travellers coming here enjoy a hiking experience here in the early mornings when the sight of the falls in the background and the natural ambience beckon you to explore more. There are hikes up the island trail, which is even more exciting as it involves a boat trip across the river. Puerto Iguazu is also a place where you have the best sightseeing experiences of not only the Brazilian but also the Argentinian side of the waterfalls here and Puerto Iguazu more than makes up for everything by providing the sights of the Iguazu falls from both sides.

Guira Oga wildlife in Puerto Iguazu Guira Oga Wildlife Sanctuary

Another interesting and cherishable experience is Guira Oga a lovely locale in Puerto Iguazu, which gives you the best sights of animals like the toucan, caiman etc. Guira Oga is actually a hospital for animals and also a centre for rehabilitation of injured animals. There is a breeding program for the endangered species here. Tourists enjoy going around the park along with a biologist who would detail about the creatures, the problems they are facing and how they are being treated. This tour takes around a hour and a half and is a tour very much looked forward to by tourists in visits to Puerto Iguazu.

Hito Argentino is another lovely place to visit lying at the confluence of the Rios Parana and the Iguazu Falls. Here you would get to see both Brazil and Paraguay thus making it a great attraction for tourists coming here.

Jewellery Shop in Hito Argentino Tourist Place in Puerto Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu has some of the best experiences of shopping. There are lots of souvenirs available here and all tourists love to shop here to their heart’s content.

Restaurants are a mainstay of tours to Puerto Iguazu and with the presence of palatable cuisine it gives the best of culinary experiences. In fact after a day of touring here, food is what relaxes the mind, body and soul of the tourists here.

Thus, tours to Puerto Iguazu are filled with adventure, fun, travel delights, and cherishable memories. With so much in tow, a visit here is a must indeed.

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