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Alanya is a lovely travel locale located in the Mediterranean coast and provides the best of tour memories. Alanya is a recently discovered region and has been a find for many tourists in the past twenty years. European tourism thus has a lot of Alanya tourists from Scandinavia and Germany. The silky sandy stretches here on the beach locales in Alanya give good reasons why tourists should come to this part of the world. Most of those who live near Alanya come here to sunbathe and to do simple things like basking and enjoying the beach pleasures. Experience the feeling of being in the hillside café and enjoy the ruins here filled with a joy that is surely unbeatable.

Otogar is a place on the coastal highway, which has bus services. The services are not much in summer but provide a good communication system. Then there are services on boat to Girne in the Northern Cyprus region from the harbour in Alanya.

Visit the fortresses in Alanya and enjoy the entrance the sights of beautiful and majestic structures. Go through the inner citadel here and experience the pleasures of a Turkish quarter, which has been existing since the Seljuk and Ottoman times. There are many wooden houses here, which are still a great sight for the eyes. The Ehmedek Kapisi is the gateway to the fort. Go into the Ice Kale and see the most fascinating but poorly maintained ruins in this part of the world. There is an eleventh century Byzantine church here as also a place with the best of cisterns.

Alanya fortresses

Then go to the Dripstone Cave in Alanya in Turkey and see how well the beach here seems to come alive. This is very near the Cleopatra’s Beach and is the main entry point to the cave with a lot of stalactites and with a humidity of around 95%. It is said that the air here if inhaled and exhaled for a long period of time, then it has the ability to give a lot of relief to those suffering from asthma.

Then there is the Iskele Sofrasi in Turkey in Alanya and this is surely a place where you would get the best of authentic Turkish seafood. Enjoy the harbour restaurants here and to the intimate place here and bask in the presence of lot of spices and beautiful terrace views in the hotels. The views of the harbour are a perfect visual delight here and offer a lot of tour memories to the visitors.

Dripstone Cave

The Ottoman House in Alanya is another place to visit and the simple sight of this 100 year old stone villa, which was a hotel once, is attractive. Then there is the ambiene of an atmospheric eatery here in Alanya and the Begendili Tas kebabi, which is a traditional form of Ottoman dish, is a hot favourite here. This is a dish of sautéed lamb served on aubergine and is a major delicacy in this part of the world in Mediterranean. The grilled fish dishes here are also a hit and on Sunday and Thursday nights, you could have a barbecue night with the grilled fish here. There is live music here and the holidays here and thus, tours here are very interesting and enchanting.

Astim Magarasi is another lovely place to visit in Eastern Mediterranean. There are two caves here, which give a fresh feeling. If one inhales and exhales the air here then he would be relieved of a lot of pain. So come here an enjoy the Caves of Heaven and hell here which is a little to the south of the AStim magarasi. The cave is not a tourist spot yet travellers come here out of curiosity. They also get a good view from here.

Astim Magarasi

Kizilkule is another lovely structure, which is a five storey octagonal tower, is around 30m in diameter, and has more than 30 m high with a cistern in the centre kept for water shortage. It is seen looming over the harbour at the lower end of the Iskele Caddesi. It was Seljuk Sultan Aladdin who built this in the year 1226 and it has been the first structure to have been erected after the town was taken over by the sultan. There is also a small museum here, which has around 85 steps, which lead to a terrace, and has the best views of the harbour.

With fascinating sights and lovely tour, pleasures come here to Alanya and enjoy the delights of a region that has the best of travel luxuries.

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