Top Unusual Places To Visit In Japan – Part IV

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Fujisan (Mount Fuji): The quintessential symbol of Japan, the 3776 metres soaring Mount Fuji is Japan’s tallest, famous and highly sacrosanct mountain, a trip to which is bound to leave an everlasting imprint on one’s mind. This dormant volcano is located on the boundary involving Yamanashi and Shizuoka regions.

The idyllic time to hike up this virtually flawlessly shaped volcano is during the official climbing season of July and August when the mountain is normally clear from snow, the weather conditions being rather placid and bearable, the public conveyance is easily accessible and the accommodation huts on the mountain are open. To avoid standing in spiralling queues, hikers might spare the mountain visit during the second week of August when the yearly Buddhist festival, Obon is held with grand pomp and honour to venerate the antecedents.

The Mount Fuji can be accessible via several routes as it is segregated into 10 stations, the foremost station lying at the mountain base and the tenth station is the pinnacle. Well-concreted roads wind up to the fifth station that lies nearly 1400-2400mtrs over sea-level.

Mount Fuji Japan

To commence the climb, one can take any one of the four 5th stations that are located on diverse sides of the mountain namely:

  • Kawaguchiko 5th Station is the widely taken route to hike to the peak and is the most hassle-free 5th station that can be taken from the Fuji Five Lake region and inner Tokyo. The toll road known as Fuji Subaro Line that leads to the 5th Station is stopped for private transport during summer vacations.
  • Subashiri 5th Station is placed merely two thousand metres beyond sea-level and is the commencement point for the Subashiri Trail that winds up to finally converge with Yoshidaguchi trail near the 8th station.
  • Gotemba 5th Station is the lowest lying and the way up to the pinnacle is henceforth significantly longer in comparison to the other 5th stations. One can take the Gotemba trail that commences from Gotemba 5th station leading to the peak with nearly four hut accommodations close to the 7th and the 8th station.
  • Fujinomiya 5th station lies at a location that makes it the nearest to the pinnacle and is the start point for the southern advance through the Fujinomiya trail and is normally reachable by rail on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line lying amid Tokyo and Osaka. There are several hut accommodations on this trail, with the road leading to this also being shut at the peak time of hiking season during July and August

Another great option is to commence the hike close to ten at night from the 5th station and continue till one reaches the peak during dawn.

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