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maldives islands vacationMaldives is the best place in whole world to spend the holiday vacation, relaxing and enjoying the view of Tropical Island. Natural beauty of Maldives is stunning and revitalizing. The island resorts offer many activities for tourists to enjoy. Maldives constitute of over thousand small islands known as islets, but only few islets are occupied. These islands rests in the Indian Sea and thus makes an ideal holiday trip for such people who want to be isolated, away from the crowd and city’s noise.

The capital city of Maldives is Male which has numbers of museums and attraction to allure tourists towards it. The capital also has many luxurious hotels and restaurants as well as lodges and hotels at economical rates. There are many things to explore here but do not miss out the underwater caves nearby beaches.maldives beach

Talking about beaches, try exploring every beach of Maldives. The beaches here are strangely different from each other. On ever beach of Maldives, you will find something unique. The water is pristine clear, blue water with dazzling soft and smooth white sand. Take a group tour and discover each beach where you will be rewarded with different and magnificent sunset and rise, horizon! You will be amazed by the stunning views of the beaches!

Overall population of the islands is around three lakh, so don’t worry about getting into some crowded beach or island. You can be free, run carelessly, and screaming on the island as much as you want to. No one will hear you except few locals! Lol! But one thing is sure you will get delicious, mouth watery and fresh seafood here. You will never get go hungry here. The Maldives snorklingweather god is blessed this islands with pleasing climate, which tourists enjoy a lot!

Maldives Islands are not that well known by the world but it is growing from seventies and is still spreading its wing to fly! If ever you plan to come here, make sure you go for some water sports like snorkeling and diving which are pretty popular whoever have visited these island. So don’t miss out to say to friends that you dived into the Maldives waters and had fun! But seriously, the underwater tour is just fantastic; you should even try, if possible, to go for submarine trips, which are costly a little but it’s worth it!

For some excursion around the islands, visit Mosques and temples are treat to the eyes.  Temples and mosques are just maldives Mosquesstunning looking architecture, but most of the best are the churches. The churches look extraordinarily amazing! You can talk o the locals nearby and to get to know about history, religion and their culture. Like that, you might come across some new facts about the islands! The places nearby these buildings are good for photography too.

At last, after reading this article you find this place worth looking and pack your bags. But wait! Getting here is a task for some because flights to reach here mainly leaves from Asian countries and some parts of Europe. You should get prepared for long flight trips and expect some delays too. And after arriving here, if you choose to rent bike or car from airport, you will end up walking!

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  1. Robin says:

    Maldive Beaches, truly a paradise! What a great place to enjoy :)

  2. Simpson says:

    After reading this article I feel to be there forever! Crystal clear water! That’s so cool!

  3. Simpson says:

    Only 3 lakh people on sucha a beautiful place? This is what I call untouched beauty.

  4. Bruno says:

    Best place for sunrise and sunse is meant to be beaches because you get the clear picture and the reflection on the water looks amazing! I’m just imagining How it will look when orange mixed with blue!

  5. Amanda says:

    This is what Maldives is famous for! Beaches and all the beaches have got its different identity :)

  6. Hughes says:

    I’m a vegeterian, can’t have sea food :( what is the solution?

  7. Phill says:

    This is a very beautifully written article! I am impressed with the way Maldives has been described!

  8. Nannes says:

    This place has to have motor sports that also mind blasting! I just love them!! Specially scuba diving

  9. Glenn says:

    I am getting goosebumps reading about the sports. Its so fantastic! I just love to explore underwater! And that is my proffesion as well ;)

  10. Linda says:

    Now a days People are spread all over. Mosques and temples in Maldives that’s really great. This shows that world is not cruel it’s the people who makes it!

  11. Jessica says:

    Thanks a lot for your information about travelling because in the whole article I was finding that how to reach such a beautiful place! :)

  12. adrlyn says:

    maldives has its own beauty, the one thing that comes to mind when you hear the name maldives is beaches. this place is such an attraction to tourists that the mosques here make this place great.

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