Top 6 costliest hotel rooms on the planet

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Luxury has its own value and for those who want spend for it, there is no end to it. The best way to experience opulence is to live in one of the most luxurious hotel rooms where you can enjoy relaxing hours, stunning vistas, cool twilight, Jacuzzi, big comfy bed, personal butler, private dining, own swimming pool, a big living area, and much more. In terms of luxury, the more you are ready to spend, the more you are treated as a king.

Remember, the hotels that charge more always offer a complete range of amenities as well as extra options of entertainment for a lot of money. But, the admiring part is that no guest is disappointed during the stay! So, if you wish to get such a treatment and set of facilities, take your pick from the following list of most expensive rooms/suites/villas on Earth.

Royal Penthouse Suite

This is offered by the Geneva’s President Wilson Hotel for $53,000 per night. Accessible by a private lift, this one occupies the full top floor with four bedrooms, lounge with the water fountain vista, living room with library and billiard table, hardwood and marble floors, six bathrooms draped with the mosaic flooring, bulletproof windows for safety, and a terrace for great vistas of the city, Mont Blanc, and Lake Geneva. There is also a dining room wherein over 25 people can enjoy over the mahogany table in oval. The entire suite reflects the modern style. Overall, it promises to be among the perfect rooms in the world with high security.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

Located at the Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort, this $10-million villa is enjoyable for $40,000 per night. Erected to represent the actual playboy mansion, this villa does engulf the features of an article of the old Playboy magazine, which speaks of the essential bachelor pad. By structure, it boasts two storeys and covers the overall area of 9,000 square foot to encompass a rotating bed, a glass elevator, a glass wall Jacuzzi from where the Strip vistas are amazing, a mirrored ceiling, 24-hour butler service, spa rooms, massage zones, fireplace, exercise room, fireplace, poker table, pop-up plasma TVs, and three bedrooms.

Ty Warner Penthouse

This is the $50 million luxury of the New York’s Four Seasons Hotel available for $34,000 per night. Imagine how proud you will feel to live in a home-like room planned by the famous architect I.M. Pei. Perched on the city’s tallest hotel’s 52nd floor, this is a nine-room suite featuring walls with fabric of gold, platinum, and pearl; floor-to-ceiling windows for enjoying a panoramic vista of the town, Zen room with a waterfall, library with a big piano, tub from where the vistas of the famous Central Park are amazing, butler, personal trainer, and full spa treatments.

Villa La Capula Suite

For $29,000 per night, this is the much loved suite of Rome’s Westin Excelsior. Nestled perfectly under the hotel’s cupola on the 5th as well as 6th floor, the suite is 6,099 square feet luxury with some two thousand extra square feet reserved only for balconies as well as terraces. Among the amenities, you can expect two bedrooms with the flexibility to take in five more, Jacuzzi pool made in the Pompeii-style, cupola, stained glass windows, frescoes, balcony with sun deck offering the vistas of the Via Veneto district, private kitchen, antique Murano glass chandelier, dining room, study/library in wood, and a cinema with Dolby sound. Wow, this is seriously like a dream home becoming true! Now costing $7 million, this was last refurbished in 1998 to offer all old and new Roman things.

Presidential Suite

This is the costliest room in Tokyo’s Ritz-Carlton, which demands for $25,000 per night. Being tucked on the 53rd floor, this one offers the breathtaking vistas of the city, outer gardens of the Imperial Palace, as well as the Roppongi Hills. Covering the grand 3300 sq ft area, this suite offers a perfect taste of pure opulence! Expect a master bedroom with striking four poster bed, joined living room/dining room, personal concierge, fitness studio, indoor pool, a jumbo bathroom of marble, and Sony BRAVIA television of 20 inch.

The Bridge Suite

This one is the Bahamas pride in The Atlantis for $22,000 per night. It is named so because of its location that links the twin buildings of Royal Towers. This means that you enjoy the vista of the dock as well as the entire resort. Within this suite, there are 10 gold, red, and black rooms, balcony of 800 square foot, ceilings of 12 foot, windows for allowing a panoramic vista of the pools and lagoons of the Paradise Island, kitchen, cook, butlers, living room with entertainment zones and grand piano, master bedroom with sitting area, and closets for parking. Did you know that this suite was once offered to Bill Gates, Celine Deon, and Michael Jackson? So, isn’t this a legendary one?

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