Top 5 eco-destinations on the planet

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If you are from those folks who have itchy feet, but cannot do so on the cost of environment; the ‘green’ destinations are perfect holiday break out to offer the best of both the worlds! With an alarming rate at which our environment is coming nearer and nearer at the verge of destruction, it is of no surprise that ecotourism is getting quite famous now a days. And for such a unique experience, you also might want to play your role. However, if you are of the opinion that picking up an unbeaten path means losing a lot of on-the-track pleasures; then you should be aware that by going green you maximize the benefits of travel as well as lessen the negative impact of that typical on-the-track travel. One of the benefits is affordable holidays as ecotourism pulls you out of the hotel for most of the same time and thereby avoids all the hotel extra expenses such as spa or dining prices. So, here are some great green goes for this summer.

Himalayas hiking

Tour to this destination is simply for an extreme experience that features several sport opportunities and preserved sights for the environment lovers. But, let me tell you that this is the journey of the brave hearts and fit bodies, especially if you are touring the Nepalese, Indian, and Tibetan Himalayas. For those who want hike, I would recommend them to first get trained on the less challenging tracks and then try their luck here. If you like a custom Himalayan tour, contact the Mountain Travel Sobek in California who can arrange according to your requirements as well as duration from a few days to a week. And yes, it goes without saying that you need to take a digital camera and sport boots for a good time here. Believe me; even the words like ‘majestic’ or ‘spectacular’ are not apt to describe the beauty of the white and Himalayas.

Kenya safari

You must have visited a jungle and must have spotted a lion, elephant, and a zebra. However, a safari tour in Kenya with Campi ya Kanzi is something beyond the run-of-the-mill animal spotting. It actually involves valuing Africa’s authentic culture as the camp is in collaboration with the famous Maasai tribe. This indicates that you do not offend the local life here, but instead aid them in conserving the surroundings as well as the culture. Did you know that the camp safeguards hectares of the Kuku Group Ranch? And even more admirable is the fact that you daily donate $100 towards the wildlife.

Santa Cruz marine tour

If you are in LA, know that you are closest to the Galapagos of the US as just off the coast, there are eight small islands of which the famous as well as the largest is Santa Cruz. This is one of the best eco-friendly destinations as over 75% of the area is an intact natural paradise owned by the Nature Conservancy. So, expect different sights such as rocky cliffs, clean tide pools, sea caves, and great beaches. Not only this, but the true environment fan will also love to watch the black eagle that is reintroduced along with the extinct island fox who is a protected creature here. You are allowed to see these animals unless you do not wish to hunt.

Compass Bay’s marine parks

This one is a secluded destination in the Bahamas that is always thronged by the tourists. So, if you want to avoid the typical nightmare of the tourist trap, this bay is the best island destination for you. To its north, the Sea Park and Exuma Land awaits for great snorkeling. However, fishing is banned here at this 176-square-mile marine sanctuary. On the island, you can also swim and touch with sharks and get them into a cool photo capture. Thanks to the owner Tucker Rolle who runs a nurse shark school to make these species human-friendly to pet.

Alaska’s Alsek River

This one is only for water rafters who are extremely mad about sport adventures. Boasting class IV rapids flanked by towering glaciers, this river is the best adrenaline booster and a majestic view giver. For this thrill, you need to approach the Mountain Travel Sobek who makes this trip the most memorable for you. However, be ready to spend $3,695 for a 12-hour guided trip that begins at Canada’s Haines Junction, passes via the river of 160 miles, and terminates at the Alaska’s Dry Bay. If you an animal watcher, do hike here to spot bears, moose, eagles, and goats.

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