Top 5 Cars for Driving Holidays

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To road trip or not to road trip, that is not the question Direct Car Excess is asking. The foremost decision in embarking upon that cross-country adventure is not the route to take, not the accommodations along the way, not even the national treasures that are a must-see. It is the wheels! No matter what stage of life someone is embracing, whether it is student, family, midlife crisis or those golden years, the how to get there is vital.

Keeping fundamental criteria in mind when choosing a vehicle, such as fuel economy, reliability, comfort, safety and road handling capacity is imperative to the success of the long road trip; however neglecting to consider the overall image of the vehicle with a nod to luxury and sportiness would be a flaw.

Toyota Prius

With that in mind, here is a list of five ideal companions for your next long journey. Amid fuel prices sitting at record highs, running an inefficient car on long journeys is no longer desirable to many. Hybrid cars have been making great strides to ensure the driving experience is satisfying and comfortable while ticking the economy and low carbon emissions boxes. A leader in this end of the industry is the Toyota Prius. Two engines, one petrol, one electric work in tandem to provide a smooth, almost silent travelling experience, while surrounding its passengers with all the latest technological comforts and advances.

Skoda Octavia

Along the same vein, cleaner conventional engine technology is paving the way for more luxurious cars to compete with smaller, lighter ones that in recent years have been favoured because of economic factors. A fashionable choice in this class is the diesel-engine Skoda Octavia. A reasonably priced car with improved fuel consumption and emission figures coupled with elegant lines and generous interior space makes this a solid choice.

Mercedes Benz GL Class

However, if ample comfort and cabin space is more important for the perfect road trip, the interior of the Mercedes-Benz GL class is elegant, exceptionally comfortable and practical. All quality materials are used and many extra features can be chosen for optimum personalisation. There is seating for seven which can be reconfigured in a variety of ways making this the perfect versatile carrier.

New Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

Not to be outdone in this category is the Grand C4 Picasso. Also containing seating for seven and a flexible seating design, it provides plenty of interior space, comfort and versatility for the larger groups heading out on the open road.

Jaguar F Type

No list would be complete without including decadence and the Jaguar F-Type is just the sports car to take anywhere. Alone or with that special someone, the feel of the wind, the stretch of the road and the feeling of invincibility will enhance this excursion like none other.

The road trip is an experience everyone should partake of, whether they are in the back of their parents Picasso, heading off to college in that Skoda, flying in the F-Type or visiting the grandkids in the Prius. Enjoy the voyage fellow travellers.

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