Top 4 free attractions in Anchorage to be enjoyed with kids

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We all know that the state of Alaska survives on tourism and with the dawn of the warm days that bring several cruise ships, the otherwise calm territory becomes a bustling destination with a myriad of family-friendly things to do and see and this is true especially with its famous city of Anchorage. So, if you are planning to come here with kids; given below are a few, not to be missed, free attractions.

Eklutna Village

Do not go by its name; this is a historic site where the Eklutna tribe will reveal to you the legends that are over 10,000 years to trace the traditional living style on the frozen landscape that fascinates the non-inhabitants even today. Nestled at a distance of 20 miles from the city on the Glenn Highway, the historic area engulfs some of the most captivating sights of a cemetery and church besides the visitor center. The areas with the graves are commemorated by the ‘spirit houses’ that ooze bright radiance keeping in the mind the offer of comfort to the departed. As a tourist, you with your kids can explore the old homes, new structures, bewildering Native spirituality, as well as Orthodox beliefs. And yes, the best way to do so is to spot a priest who will readily answer to all your queries before taking into the church for wandering at its gold and silver interior that resides in contrast with its common exterior. This is one of the best ways to arouse interest within your children in the most boring subject of history. Lastly, the tribe might request a donation, but that is left up to you.


Now, this is something more interesting site to discover if you wish for an inexpensive day trip. This one is a fun resort town located at 45 miles on the Seward Highway. In winter, the town becomes the abode of the skiers, while the rest of the year, it entertains berry pickers, hikers, and mountain bikers. So, Girdwood is the place for all the adventurous kids! I would recommend the Alyeska Resort for skiers as it affords its own ski hill as well as slope side trails facilitating the vistas of no less than seven Alaskan glaciers. Your kids will love the lobby where the effigies of native critters such as a polar bear tend to mesmerize them; while the grown-ups will prefer the laid-back fireside lounge during the chilly summer time. What is even more interesting for the kids of all ages is to take up the test of luck and watch out for a black bear playing amidst the berry bushes. Want to skate and play some games? Well, then there is a community playground featuring a skate park that can be seen at the town’s entrance.

Campbell Creek Science Center

For some time, become like the typical resident of Anchorage who always love to explore the myriad of family-friendly trails to explore the acres of wilderness in the best way. And this is what the Campbell Creek Science Center will facilitate! With its well-maintained, 740-acre tracks that is meant for all abilities and ages; it is the most beloved attraction for the locals as well as tourist alike. The center also offers loaner backpacks full of probing items, maps, as well as erudite staff who can also tackle the sense of adventure in your kids. Look for the Coyote as well as picturesque Airstrip trails that go around a central, but small air field and feature flat walk, birch and spruce trees where kids love to play, and the Chugach Mountains whose sight is loved by the parents. As a precaution, do first read about the critter safety here moose as well as bears do throng the area. Do not worry about the parking as that is possible in the main lot of the center.

Alaska State Trooper Museum

Did you know that Alaska has a rich past with regards to the law enforcement for the cops and robbers? If at all you want to check that out, come to this small museum on the downtown’s Fifth Avenue to experience Alaskan world of police and thieves. The main attractions here are guns, fire equipment, handcuffs, Hudson Hornet, sergeant’s hat, forensic ways of solving the delinquency, as well as the most mysterious crime stories. And yes, just adjacent is the Midnight Sun Cafe where kids will love a hot chocolate treat!

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