The Stok Kangri and Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh tours

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Ladakh tours involve the adventure and thrill that is incomparable to any kind of exciting escapade that you ever could have had in your lifetime. Ladakhi capital Leh is a greatly fascinating zone for all the tourists who come to this part of the world.

The Stok Kangri which is at a height of around 20,075 feet is a major landscape here in the region of Ladakh. With the best sights of monasteries at Hemis Thikse and Shey, this is a place which has the loveliest trek experiences and the most enchanting sights.

Stok Kangri

This trek in Ladakh tours normally starts with going around Leh which looks heavenly at a height of 11,500 feet. After going around this place for a day, the Tibetan air sets in the minds of the tourists and he is ready for the days following. Leh is a place where one can see a lot of stove pipe hats, the national dress and lovely felt boots with turned up toes. Here is where lies the royal Palace which is a major feature of the town. Then you can see a lot of monasteries, prayer flags, huge chortens, and lovely mud brick houses which form a mainstay of the entire city.

The second day of the trek would take you around the Indus Valley and you would get to see the Hemis, Thikse and Shey monasteries.

Then the following day you would go by car up to the Khardung la which is at a height of around 5300 m. and then come back in the evening.

Khardung la

Chilling is the next destination you would be going to and this region lying on the western side of the River Zanskar is a lovely spot in the trekking itinerary.

The Chilling Skiu trek comes next and in this you would be greatly excited to cross the river on a pulley bridge and then continue the trek to Skiu in the Markha Valley.

The Skiu Markha trek is quite adventurous and happens the next day. This is a walk along the River Markha and takes you to the village at Markha located at a height of around 3800 m.

After a halt at Skiu you would proceed the following day to Hangkar. This is a trekking tail that takes you to the highest village here in the Hangkar Valley at a height of around 4100 m.

Hangkar Valley

Then you have another trek the Nimaling trek which is a walk along the Nimaling Plain which is located at a height of around 4600 m, under the Kang Yatze peak.

The Kang Yatze is an interesting region and the whole day is spent inexploring this region.

Kang Yatze

The trek then proceeds to the west with the trek starting from Kongmaru La and descending down a rocky terrain to the Chogdo which lies at an altitude of 4000m.

Then comes the Chogdo Shang po trek which requires that you cross many passes and unchartered territory and finally takes you to Shang Po.

Chogdo Shang po trek

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