The Must Visits of Antigua

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Antigua is one of the West Indian islands boasting maximum tourist population. It is the primary island of the nation Antigua & Barbuda. Antigua is rated among the top tourist destinations in this part of the world due to the wide array of sightseeing opportunities present in this island. Here we will be discussing the must visits of Antigua.

Botanical Gardens:

Botanical gardens of St. John, Antigua is a must visit for you if you love nature. Here you will be introduced to varied species of topical plants; you will also get to see unusual flowers and some of the native wildlife of this part of the world. Surrounding the Botanical Gardens is the exotic island beaches covered with powder-fine sands. During the late 90s, the gardens were destroyed by a hurricane; however, the speedy restoration carried out by the Botanical Gardens’ management had made the place more attractive that before.

Hawksbill Turtle Preserves:

If you are keen to gather more information about the animals native to Antigua, you should never miss visiting this place. A ferry-ride is the best way of reaching this Antigua attraction. The collection of endangered species of sea turtles present in this sanctuary will surely allure every animal enthusiast.

British Fort James:

This is a must visit for all the history buffs touring the island of Antigua. The British Fort James is situated on the Martello Tower of Antigua & Barbuda. It is basically a defensive point, which was in use during the 19th century.

Darkwood Beach:

It’s true that the island of Antigua is outlined by hundreds of attractive beaches, but the most prominent out of them is the Darkwood beach. This beach is situated in the south western coast of the island; while traveling on a car, you will need 5 minutes to reach Darkwood beach from Jolly Harbor. The most striking feature of this beach is the crystal clear blue water. It is a great place for enjoying snorkeling.

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