The Malta Delight

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Visit the beautiful Mediterranean ambience and enjoy the delights in Malta. This archipelago is located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and has three islands, which are the Malta, Comino, and Gozo. The Comino island has very few inhabitants and most of theme are farmers. Gozo and Malta have a great history of around 7000 year back and has artifacts belonging to the Neolithic times. One can also see a lot of copper and bronze here. visitors love to see the memorials, which were left by the various cultures, which used to live here. The Maltese Islands in fact are referred to as tee open air museum. Her you can follow the steps of St. Peter and have a look at the place where the St. John Knights protected th citadels of the Medieval era , the baroque places of architecture and beautiful churches.

History is not the only reason you would come here. the simple pleasures of being in a place, which has the clear blue waters of the sea beckoning him. There are many isolated bays and also sandy beaches here and these provide greatly exciting tours here. In Vallettat, you would be able to see the best of Baroque architecture in true Maltese style. Valletta is a place, which is very popular for the Baroque kind of architecture. Come to St. John co Cathedral and see the lovely tapestry here that was made for Louis X!V . There is also another lovely collection of armour here and if you really want to explore more then you should go to the museums in Valletta, which is another museum of fine arts here in the 18th century.

Malta delight tours
You then have the Church of Virgin Izbandelor, which is another attraction here. Visit the national museum of Archaeology here and experience the pleasures of excavations of the past here.

Come to mdina and enjoy this majestic citadel, which is one of the best kinds of architecture in this part often world. Also, see the Norman style Palazzo Falcon. This is a great structure and takes you down the historical lane.

Visit Bastion Square that has lively images of the entire area and the Bay of St. Paul. There is something special about Malta that gives you a chance to seep in the natural ambience and enjoy the historical past here. Any tourist who comes here would be surely take-in by the simple delights offered by the surroundings here .

Bastion square
Baroque churches have always had a special place here so come here and experience the pleasures of seeing this kind of architecture. Also see Baroque churches in Rabat and also visit St. Agatha catacombs and St. Paul. Go around the Romanian villa and explore the entire area till you  are exhausted.

Then there is the Blue Grotto, which is a legendary place and has many stories attached to it. Legend has it that the sirens here used to attract all the sailors with their songs.

Visit the four Caves here, which are filled with brilliant and splendid colours of minerals from limestone and coral. Visit the Blue Grotto in the morning and enjoy he calmness of the sea.

Blue grotto
Paola has another archaeological site . Also, there is the Neolithic temple Tarxien. Visit Hypogeum, which is a complex of burial chambers and has three levels each dating back to 300 years.

Visit Ghar Dalam where extinct species of birds and animals are found in the remains here.

Malta is a place where you can enjoy deep sea diving. There best places here are the caves that are found in the north and also he places where the depth of the sea grows suddenly.

Visit also the Qawra point and the Cirkewwa all of which are major attractions here. It is a tranquil spot with a lot of crystal waters and secluded pool along with barren rocks. Relax here on the Comino island and experience the pleasures of being in a beach destination.

There are other communities here of fishing like Marszxlokk , Mediterranean Marsac, Birzebbuga all of which stretch along the southern coast of Malta.

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