The Chessington World of Adventures

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Chessington World of Adventures is one of the most popular theme parks of Britain; this southwest London based theme bark also houses a zoo. The exact location of Chessington World of Adventures is 12 miles to the south of the Central London. In the year 1931, this place was originally opened as a zoo, the Chessington Zoo; the formation of the theme park occurred much later in the year 1987. Below we have discussed about some of the most celebrated segments of this theme park:

The Chessington Zoo:

As mentioned earlier, this is the oldest region of this theme park. The zoo is again segmented into two halves, the Sea Lion Bay and the Trails of the Kings. In these two sections you will get a chance of meeting animals like binturongs, lions, tigers, gorillas, mara, meerkats, rhea, capybaras, different species of reptiles etc.

The Wild Asia:

This segment of the Chessington World of Adventures was previously known as the Beanoland. The renaming occurred in the year 2010, after the Beanoland was closed in 2009.

The Forbidden Kingdom:

This part of the theme park is built following the theme of ancient Egyptian civilization. You will get to experience two rides during your visit to the Forbidden Kingdom, the Rameses Revenge and the Tomb Blaster.

The Market Square:

The central region of Chessington World of Adventures houses the Market Square. This place is home to a number of shops, food stalls and video arcades. The entrance of Safari Skyway is also located in this part of the theme park. Other prominent belongings of the Market Square are: the mansion area, lawn and of course the monorail that takes tourists for guided tours of the Chessington Zoo.


If you have your kids with you, you should never miss visiting the Toytown. This place is known its gentle rides, perfect for the little ones of your family. Some of the most famous rides of this segment are: Tiny Truckers, Flying Jumbos, Carousel etc.

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