The Caves Of Lascaux – Part II

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Lascaux caveLascaux’s rich inventory of art were the fine works of the Cro-magnon man, one of the close relatives of the homo sapiens, well-aware of all innate rhythms, prospering in the clement gorges in the Dordogne when the rest of Europe was engulfed in the clutches of an ice age.

One can find the most primitive lunar calendar ever created on the walls of the Lascaux Caves. In the Chamber of Bulls, there is a striking painting depicting a deer below which is noted a string of thirteen dots ending in a square shape that point out to the Moon’s half monthly cycle. The empty square represents the missing Moon. Also noted were a row of 29 dots below a portrayal of a brown horse pointing to the Moon’s 29-day cyclic movement. An assortment of stellar constellations are noted on the wall of the main chamber and above the shoulder of a bull close to the main access way.

Lascaux IIThe Lateral Passage is located to the right side of the Great Hall of the Bulls interconnecting the Chamber of Engravings to the Main Gallery and to its far end is connected to the Chamber of Felines. At the remote end of the Chamber of Engravings is the Shaft of the Dead Man and the build-up Chambers.

The visibly diverse Chamber of Felines has an assortment of a seemingly smaller section of carvings and pictures. The ornate work of art concludes in a dual line comprising of three groups of two red coloured dots. This depiction bears strong resemblance to that of the black coloured one found in the Scene of the Dead Man that points to a geographical boundary demarcating the limits of the haven.

The remotely set Shaft of the Dead Man depicts an altercation taking place between a bison and a human, with a rhinoceros fleeing the site to the left side. Close by is located an image of a bird with a human similar head perched atop a branch.

One facet that draws the visitors is the live energy found in these works of art with hoards of animals marching past the walls and ceilings many times overlapping each other. The paintings that decorate the walls in varied shades of yellow, red, brown and black were considered sacramental by those who etched them.

lascaux horseThe red cow found on the right facing wall of the Hall of Bulls, the brown horse located on the left side wall within that room and red-black combo coloured horse found in the axial chamber are the three significantly remarkable animal depictions found in Lascaux. Calcium, phosphorus was found in the paint used on these portrayals. The colours employed were derived from a blend of haematite, antler apatite rocks and other minerals.

The Cave Of Lascaux – Part I

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