Thailand scuba diving around Koh Tao

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Who would not like to dive in the wonderful country of Thailand holding many stunning islands? Flanked by the Andaman Sea in the west and Gulf of Thailand in the east, Thailand scuba diving has several opportunities with many great eye soothing sites. Among all the Thailand scuba diving sites, the most enchanting one is the small island of Koh Tao secreted in the Gulf of Thailand. This is most adored site for most of the tourists due to its hidden marine treasures including the assortment of marine life. Did you know that waters around Koh Tao are the dwelling sites of the rare Grouper, strong Barracuda, and seasonal Whale shark?

Adorned with forested summits, coconut slopes, and granite coastline boasting serenely sandy beaches, Koh Tao is a genuine site to soak you away. And if you choose to be with the Scuba Junction for a tropical scuba diving experience, then your adventurous holiday is truly exhilarating. It welcomes both novice and expert divers and is nestled at the pristine Sairee Beach. The pest part of this diving institution is that all its diving groups hold only 4 divers at the most so that each one of them can receive close supervision with more pleasurable time under water. Further, it is the sole dive shop here and provides free Gekko dive computers to everyone for additional safety.

Listed below are some of the best Thailand scuba diving sites around Koh Tao out of 25 in total.

  • Chumphon Pinnacle: With the maximum depth of 120 feet, this is the most stunning site for diving with four submerged summits and a plethora of big reef fish as well as pelagics.
  • Green Rock (Hin Kee-Oh): This is the 83-feet deep site of diving featuring caverns, crevices, big archways, and grottos intersected via the Green Rock and hence the site name.

  • Nang Yuan Bay III:This is where the site comes alive for diving after going down halfway until 30 feet featuring a myriad of feathery alabaster sea cucumbers, boulder corals, rocks, bivalve molluscs, and vivid Christmas tree worms.
  • Nang Yuan Bay II, Japanese Gardens:This 50 feet deep dive site is a coral surface offering a myriad of tropical reef fish and bivalves.
  • White Rock (Hin Khao):Regarded as one of the most enjoyable site of diving, this is 80 feet deep and is apt for all levels. There are two prime summits of which the higher is White Rock layered by 6-feet water and the Coral Garden in the south.
  • Hin Wong Pinnacle:In its 100 feet deep waters, you will a big tabletop formation of rock featuring a series of purple corals occupying a vast area. Red coral groupers, blue spotted rays, and banner fish are seen in plenty here. Wong in Thai means ‘purple’ perfectly describing this Thailand scuba diving site.

  • Aow Leuk Bay: not that deep, this is the choice of the beginners for being among the most wonderful bays. Your diving starts above clean sand and you hunt here for mysterious snake eels poking their cranium from burrows.
  • Aow Leuk Point:Accessible from the above, this is the superb site holding two summits above water. This is where you can explore a great marine life – angel fish, small reef fish, spotted rays, turtles, and sweet lips.
  • Shark Island: This is the site of highest marine life diversity. It is named so because of a thin channel splitting the two main rocks forming an illusion of shark on the surface. Its north is covered by rock walls, emperors, snappers, and banner fish; while the south is full of purple coral garden seeming to be like the heads of cauliflowers. Go deep and you can explore many smaller pinnacles for spotting the seasonal whale sharks.
  • Southwest Pinnacle:This is the sight of many pinnacles even though it is smaller as compared to the Chumphon Pinnacle.

  • Table Top: With an average depth, this is a coastal dive site between Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Tao. Its plain base of sand in coral heads as well as big granite rocks offers easy dive navigation. It is best for pelagics like garfish, tuna, and queen fish; blue sponges, lettuce corals; and brain corals.
  • Mango Bay:This will only complete your diving experience. Nestled in the north, this is actually a training site.

  • Buddha Point:This is the site of the Buddha rock to the Chalok Baan Khao’s southeast, many underwater rocks, purple sponges, and white whip coral sponges.
  • Tanote Bay: In this shallow site going down a rugged pinnacle, you will have to look for a few, hidden, and large coral trout as well as snapper at 8 to 11 m along with six angelfish in pairs.

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October to April

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