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Asia is a land of temples, destinations, and lovely locales. One can find the best of travel delights and tour luxuries Lets see which are the temple locales that are best visited in Asian tours.

Visit Bhutan, which is a lovely destination and has magnificent temple structures. Go to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery and see how this unique construction is balanced on a cliff that is at a height of 3000 feet. Located in Paro Valley this is a wonderfully built structure and has a legend attached to it. It is said that Guru Rinpoche meditated in this cave and spread the religion around. Earlier known as Taktshang Goemba, this monastery is open only to the Buddhists and is out of limits for tourists.

Taktshang Goemba Temple of Asia

The Wat Rhon Khun temple also called the White Temple is another temples of Asia. A very revered Buddhist temple destination this has been constructed by Chalermchai Kositpipat the great Thai artist. It is called the White temple due to the mosaic mirrors, which shine here all day and make the temple shine in a white glory. The temple will take another 90 years to get over totally and is very similar to the Sagrada Familia church that is located in Barcelona.

White Temple of Asia

Then you have Praramban in Indonesia, which was constructed in the year 850CE and is in Central Java in Asia. There are eight shrines and 250 smaller shrines that surround this holy spot. The walls of the temple tell stories of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu through beautiful carvings. The stories of Ramayana and Hanuman are also shown here.

The Shwedagaon Pagoda too is one of the holiest and most sacred spots for Buddhists in Asia and is famous across the world. Located in Myanmar this is a Pagoda that has a lot of unique features and special characteristics. Legend has it that this pagoda was a construction of the 6th century and went on till the 10th century. Archaeologists say that the temple is at lest 2500 years old. Also called the Golden Temple the entire temple is made of gold. With 2000 rubies and 5000, diamonds etched in the temples there is also a 76 carat diamond at the tip. This temple is said to be very holy for the Buddisht as it has eight strands of hair from Lord Buddha’s head.

Shwedagaon Pagoda Temple of Asia Temple of Heaven in Asia

The Temple of Heaven also is a fantastic temple in Asia. Said to have been constructed in the 14th century it was Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty who constructed it. The temple is located in China and Emperor Yongle constructed Forbidden City too and it is said that he used to come to this Temple of Heaven and pray for the security and safety of China. It is said that people come to this temple to pray for a good harvest and to atone for any sins caused.

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