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India is a beautiful land of temples and Indian culture and tradition is evident in every temple you step in. Many tales and legends make up the Indian temple culture and it is really not easy to understand whether to get totally enchanted by these stories or to get enamored by the places related in these stories.

The Pancha Pandava temples are such examples that incite your curiosity and imbibe in you a zeal to know more about Indian temples. There are many legends about this temple from the Indian epic Mahabharata. Kerala is an Indian state that has truly showcased a lot about the Pancha Pandavas and their contribution to Indian mythology. Temples in Kerala have the influence of the Pandavas from the Indian epic.

Pancha pandava temples

Chengannur in Kerala is one such important Pandava temple locale. Tiruchenkoor is an ancient region where you find the Pancha Pandava temples. It is believed that Chenganoor is for the Pandava prince Yudhisthira, Tiruvanmundur for Nakula, Tiruppuliyur for Bheema, Aranmula for Arjuna and Tirukaadittanam for Sahadeva.

The Chenganoor Mahadeva temple has Goddess Bhagwati as the main deity and has a lot of importance in this part of Kerala. In fact it is believed that Yudhisthira prayed a great deal to Lord Vishnu and asked for forgiveness for what he did on the battlefield. He was referring to the manner in which he deceived his teacher Drona as a strategy. This is the place where he is said to have prayed thus and so it is an important Pandava temple locale.

Lord vishnu
Then you have Siruppuliyur which is dedicated to the Pandava prince Bheema. This is another famous temple destination which is in the Chenganoor area of Kerala. It is very closely linked to the events in the Indian epic Mahabharata. It is believed that one of the Pandava Princes Bhima built a temple here for Lord Vishnu. This temple has been totally neglected and has not been worshipped for 200 years. it has been neglected and has been opened only today after consecration. Here the offerings are normally very huge so get to see more than 400 measures of rice being offered as Bhima is a man who is said to be fond of eating.

Malanad is another place that is said to be dedicated to the Kaurava Prince Duryodhana and people worship him here. It is normally worshipped by the Kuravas and they do not go to Tiruppuliyur as it belongs to Bheema and the kuravas feel they could be wronged if they visited this temple.


Then there is Aranmula which belongs to the Pandava prince Arjuna. This beautiful village is located on the Chengannur region. Located on the banks of the River Pampa this is a temple that has four towers on its entrance and is built in memory of Arjuna. The eastern tower is reached by 18 steps that are found here. then there is the northern tower that has around 57 steps which leads downwards to the river Pampa.

Visit the Tiruvanmundur temple which is an ancient temple dedicated to the Pancha Pandavas. People believe that is has been built for Nakula. The Nammalwar hymns of the 1st millennium CE are very popular here. there is a circular tower and also a gopurdwaram. With Kamalanathan as the presiding deity who is seen in a standing position. Also called Pambaniyappan this is also a Pancha Pandava temple.

Tiruvanmundur temple
Then there is Tirukkoditttanam which is believed to be dedicated to Sahadeva. Legend has it that this was built by Sahadeva and it was ruled by a king Rukmangatan who is believed to belong to the solar Race.

The Pancha Pandava temples are thus a great attraction in Indian tours and are a must see in travels here.

Visit the Pancha Pandava temples in tours to India and come back with a cherishable experience.

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