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Come to Thailand in Asia tours, and enjoy the lovely culture surrounding this lovely land of greatest delights. Experience the pleasures of being in this charming and lovely paradise in this part of Asia. Enjoy the laidback ambience here and enjoy the ancientness of this 700 year old town. This is very famous for trekking, sightseeing and also is an adventure hub in this part of the world. There are shopping areas, spas, and mountain resorts which provide the ultimate tour delights in this part of the word. Chiang Mai in Thailand is one such adventurous locale which is truly a great paradise for all the nature enthusiasts.

Thais living here are very proud of this region of Chiang Mai and the region is filled with the ultimate travel delights. Chiang Mai is the keystone of any Thailand tour and provides the most ecstatic and memorable travel experiences. This was the first state in the South Eastern Asian state to make the great transition from the Mon domination and cultures of Khmer to the new Thai era.

Chiang mai temple

Situated around 700 km to the northwest of Bangkok the region of Chiang Mai has a lot of temples and has as many temples as there are in Bangkok. This is what makes the entire city centre very amazing. Thais have a lot of respect for the walled city and the strange ambience here is what makes the travels here very enterprising. Chiang Mai is a greatly dynamic city filled with the best sights to experience and has a rich tradition and history of the past which makes the tours to this part of the world very exciting. Today Chiang Mai is a very developed region and provides the greatest tour ecstasies.

With the rich culture and the beautiful handicrafts to exhibit the simple pleasures of shopping here lend a lot of excitement in the tour experiences here. The city is slowly growing up to the demands of the customers and tourists and gives the best tour delights. This city is changing its identity and with the cultural activities and the temple pleasures here, Chiang Mai is surely an interesting place to visit.

Visit the Chiang Mai Zoo which is a home to many hundreds of birds and animas. There is an aquatic park here which provides the greatest pleasures of avifauna attractions. This has in fact the largest South East Asian aviary. There is a popular picnic and camping ground facility which is open to all tourists providing great entertainment value.

Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiangmai has more than 12 waterfalls and is around 750 metres above the sea level. These beautiful cascades with their lovely tiers of racing water come as a total delight to the tourists here. With the water hitting the rocks below there is a grand sight of the water splitting into many colours and gives the best pleasures of the green vegetation around. Come here just to enjoy the loveliest natural sights and the most fascinating visual delights.

There are pools at the base of the waterfalls which provide facilities for swimming and make the trip here very memorable. AS the tourists bask in the pleasures of the watery paradise, it is really a great feeling to be in this part of the world and experience the best of travel delights.

The waterfalls are all reached easily by boat and these ensure that the public are transported easily.

Chiangmai has many festivals which keep the fun enthusiasts satiated with a lot of memories. There are many events held here and the celebrations like the “Loy Krathong” the “Songkran” are all festivals that surely deserve a mention here in this land of heavenly pleasures.

As the handmade floats are decorated with flowers and then let out into the water it is indeed a pleasurable sight to experience the best of travel sights.

While in Asia, Thailand is certainly a greatly fascinating land with the best delights and most mesmerizing travel pleasures.

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