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  • Rio Azul – Lost Maya City – Part II
    Rio Azul – Lost Maya City – Part II
    The premier national park in Guatemala, the Tikal National Park has a site that is the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Monument. Tikal, a big Mayan city encircled by immaculate Tropical Forests started being inhabited between 800 B.C.-900A.D. Rio Azul donned a crucial role in the Tikal’s expansion and was its significant ally against its bitter rival, Calakmul. However, by A.D. 530, the unexpected happened with Calakmul attacking Rio Azul. In the Late Classic period, Tikal got back its past grandeur and Rio Azul’s populace grew yet again with new monuments being built. Though Tikal spans 112 sq.kms of which, a mere 16 sq.kms has been recorded and as many as 4000 structures been found till date. The Tomb 1 that was bore the ravages of the looters has intricately woven mat designs at the entrance that was an indicator of  [...]
    Posted at July 31st, 2009 at 11:07 am
  • Beguiling Berlin Encore – Part I
    Beguiling Berlin Encore – Part I
    Plot your course through Berlin’s fine history as one moseys down the lime trees speckled boulevard in central Berlin, the Unter den Linden Street running in the east-west direction from the Brandenburg Gate, or the Gate of Peace that bore witness to the festivities when the Berlin Wall was torn down. The scenic Tiergarten located to the west of the gate was a hunting ground for King Freidrich Wilhelm during the mid 16th century. The Friedrichstrasse Street, a major shopping street is located to the south of the gate, the Reichstag is on the north end of the gate having the German Parliament and the Museum Island is on the eastern side of the gate. The plethora of monuments stand testament to Berlin’s evolutionary process from the Hohenzollern dynasty to the GDR. The Potsdamer Platz Arkaden located on the South of Tiergarten,  [...]
    Posted at July 21st, 2009 at 05:07 pm
  • Ireland Travel- A Megalithic Haven
    Ireland Travel- A Megalithic Haven
    For an over-the-top time off that involves hiking, urban paradise, water adventure activities, golfing, exploring mystic ancient structures, magnificent National parks or basic farm adventures, Ireland Trips is the superlative choice for one and all. For the history aficionados, Ireland is chock-a-block with megalithic sites. A visit to the mystic redone channel crypt of Newgrange in Bru na Boinne, which lies on Boyne bank with a uniquely structured inner cruciform-like hall. This site bears significant historical importance in Ireland which was once ancestral temples where astrological, devout and religious rituals were performed. One can find elaborate and intricate carvings on the huge stones encircling and within the Passage Tombs in various shapes and forms bearing resemblance to the moon, sun and faces of human beings. Newgrange  [...]
    Posted at June 19th, 2009 at 06:06 am
  • Palenque
    Hidden in the dense forest in a spectacular mountain setting are the Mayan ruins of Palenque. It lies near the Usumacinta River in Mexico. The sire is 150 meters above sea level and is located at a distance of 130 kilometers south of Ciudad del Carem. The ruins of Palenque are famous for its complicate sculptures and have archeologists uncover many facts about the Mayan civilization. The city became a settlement as early as 300 BC but it became a commercial and religious centre in the 6th century. Due to its location the city enjoyed abundance of water from the surrounding mountain streams and waterfalls. There was an elaborate system of aqueduct to channel the water in the city. Most of the city was engulfed by the forest when the excavation first started. As of now my 30% of the city has been cleared of the forest. The total area  [...]
    Posted at May 22nd, 2009 at 10:05 am
  • Uxmal…. City That Was Built Three Times
    Uxmal…. City That Was Built Three Times
    Uxmal is a large pre-Columbian city of Maya Civilization in Yucatan, Mexico. It is located at a distance of 78 kilometers from Merida. Archeologists have come out with a census that the city was first inhabited as early as 800 BC. The city was abandoned in 1450 AD after the Toltec’s rose to power and established their capital in Chichen Itza. The city at its peak was inhabited by over 30,000 people and most of the buildings in the site were constructed between 700 AD and 1100 AD. The main ruins of Uxmal are spread over an area of 150 acres and the residential district spread beyond the main ruins. Unlike other cities in the region which were build in proximity of cenotes, Uxmal is rather unusual. There are many man-made reservoirs and were probably used for storing rain water, one of such cisterns is located just near the entrance  [...]
    Posted at May 21st, 2009 at 12:05 am
  • Travel To Greece Islands
    Travel To Greece Islands
    Greece, located at the southern end of Europe, despite its marked small shape, is a rich amalgamation of cross cultural societies, awe inspiring past and exciting picture perfect locations. One can simply be spellbound by the great variations one can find, right from pristine olive plantations, centuries old historical sites, gorgeous beaches and picturesque mountain ranges. Greece has an extensive coastline spanning thousands of kilometers with half the length found around the 1400 islands of which 169 are occupied, Crete, being the largest of them all, known for its olive plantation. One can undertake several adventure activities like parasailing, surfing, deep sea diving in these well equipped beaches, many of whom have been honored with the Blue Flag award for their state-of-the-art facilities and effective management of their  [...]
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  • Gracious Egypt Gifted With 7 Wonders
    Gracious Egypt Gifted With 7 Wonders
    Pyramids: Egypt comprises of pyramids, Giza Complex and many other worth seeing sights which one would love to see. In 5 century B.C Herodotus included Pyramids and the Giza Complex as one of the wonders of Egypt. Pyramids are even older than the temples you will ever find in here. Pyramids form the Upper Kingdom and were actually the tombs. Funeral boat of Khufu is also found here. The Native Egyptians for you to see the Pyramids make you buy the camel rides in order to see them. Pyramids are worth seeing comprising of such a great architecture which is still not being understood yet. St. Catherine’s Monastery: Sr.Catherine’s Monastery is believed to be the oldest Christian Monastery of the world, constructed on the orders of Emperor Justinian. Monastery is run by Greek Orthodox Church and consists of ancient 120 icons of ancient  [...]
    Posted at April 27th, 2009 at 06:04 am