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  • Miraculous Reincarnation Of Pompeii
    Miraculous Reincarnation Of Pompeii
    Italy always attracted its tourists by various destinations. Out of that, Italy has one more popular tourist destination known as Pompeii. Pompeii is a Roman town located in the Italian region of Campania. This city was buried down 60 feet in 79 A.D. due to volcanic eruption that destroyed the entire city into ashes. After 1700 years, due to an accident the city was rediscovered again in 1748 and information regarding the life of the city was also found. Right from then, the Pompeii city has been the most popular tourist spot. Pompeii was declared as the world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 2007 and nearly 2,571,725 people visited the newly discovered site in the same year. Exploring Pompeii, very little was known about the first few people who settled there and they were assumed to be the pre-historic fishers, hunters and  [...]
    Posted at November 30th, 2009 at 04:11 am
  • Spectacular Arena of Excitement…
    Spectacular Arena of Excitement…
    Historically, the stadiums were nothing but a field where people played while others perched on benches to cheer. But a modern day stadium has travelled far from its root. It is designed scientifically to bring out marvels for the world to enjoy. Today, we have more than 10 000 stadiums in over 223 countries which are frequented by 18,000 visitors daily. There are some splendidly made stadiums around the world that are a testament to great architecture. You never know, you might be lucky in getting to see your favorite player practicing while not even paying a fortune. Here are some stadiums from around the world that homes different popular clubs, and is worth a visit: Wembley Stadium- London, UK Wembley’s 90,000 capacity makes it the second largest stadium in Europe after Camp Nou and the largest in the world with every  [...]
    Posted at August 17th, 2009 at 10:08 pm
  • Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 7
    Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 7
    The Lipari Island is the prime, dense populace Aeolian Islands in Italy. One can find majestic volcanic rises of the Monte Chirica, Monte Sant’Angelo, Monte Pelato and Monte Guardia, touching dizzy heights of 1000-2000ft. The chief source of livelihood range from the abundant olives, citrusy and tropical fruits, excavation of pumice, fishing, obsidian which is a glass obtained from the volcanic lava and last but not the least the flourishing tourism industry. A visit to the famed Archeological Museum in Lipari that is a splendid warehouse of quarried remnants of the Neolithic era, prime attraction are the ceramic discoveries found in graves dating back to the Bronze and the Grecian era. The dormant volcano called the Vulcano is a tourist magnet for its therapeutic hot water springs rich in sulphur deposits. The San Calagero has  [...]
    Posted at June 15th, 2009 at 01:06 am
  • Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 6
    Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 6
    The serene, miniature Italian islands of Levanzo and Marettimo, off the coast of Sicily, with their easy access, crystal-clear blue hued waters, rich ecological and architectural uniqueness, primeval cultures and breathtaking views of mountain terrain and landscapes, all conjugate to make this duo the key tourist attractions. Levanzo is the island’s most calm village with low-razed white cottages, the majestic Cala Dogana habour dotted with several ships and pleasant lush vegetation. Its depths are affluent in various archeological remnants dating back to the Punic and Roman era. The copious caverns, the Grotto del Genovese, being the most famed of them, touches heights of up to 100ft above the west coast. The primordial age rock carvings and depictions of human and plant forms have been found to date back to as far as 15,000  [...]
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  • Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 5
    Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 5
    Picturesquely located in Italy’s southern province is the quaint island of Lampedusa, amidst Malta and Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea. One of the largest islands in Pelagie, inclusive of Linosa and Lampione, Lampedusa is geographically closer to Africa than Italy. Linosa is a volcanic island located in the southern Mediterranean Sea formed due to the result of three volcanic eruptions reaching heights of above 100 mtrs, evident in the Monte Rosso, Monte Vulcano and Monte Nero where one can view the shape of their craters on these mountain tops. Linosa has a rocky coastline and a tiny beach at Cala Pozzolana di Ponente unique for its black coloured sands and turtle breeding site. Lampedusa with its vast expenses of levelled limestone raised areas concluding in a succession of spectacular crags, cerulean waters, and impetuous inlets  [...]
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  • Mystery Islands of Italy – Part 4
    Mystery Islands of Italy – Part 4
    Ischia is the densely populated, largest islands in the Gulf of Naples, in Italy. It has six towns, the main ones being Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte, the centre that rose under the Aragonese Castle which bears historical significance. Other key sites are the Casina Reale ( King’s House) which is the seat of the Italian Republic Army, the oriental styled villa ‘La Pagoda’, the Bourbon harbour with its  church of Our Lady of Safe Harbour. Thermal Baths, pine plantations and gorgeous seashores all combine to make this place truly memorable. The shoreline centre of Casamicciola Terme offers splendid views of the encircling lush green, hilly terrain which were at one time volcanic craters and productive grounds of larval activity. Atop the majestic Sentinella, one can view breathtaking, scenic sights. Worth visiting places are  [...]
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  • Mystery Islands of Italy – Part 3
    Mystery Islands of Italy – Part 3
    The most impressive and significant sea bottoms of Italy are the Giglio and Giannutri, two southernmost islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. To reach here, one can board the boat or ferry service from the bustling fishing town of Porto Stefano. The Giglio island, a sandstone mass projecting above the sea, with its rock-strewn landscape, serrated shorelines, majestic sandy fjords, encapsulating clear, pea green waters and Technicolor sea beds make it the ideal destination. The Giglio Porto has vast stretches of pine plantation and vineyards that make delectable and extremely popular ‘Ansonaco’ wine. From Giglio Porto, one can board the local bus service up taking one to the mountain top fortress town of Giglio Castello, an unmarred primeval town with tapered, snaking streets, abrupt stone cut stairs and tall towering walls. One  [...]
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  • Mystery Islands of Italy – Part 2
    Mystery Islands of Italy – Part 2
    Italy has bountiful beauty abundant with gorgeous escapades in its several islands that stretch across the Mediterranean Sea. A trip to Italy is incomplete without a visit to the majestic Elba Island. One can either take up a 2-hour trek or board one of the cable car rides to the highest point on the Elba, Monte Capanne, which proffers exhilarating views of the Italian mainland and islands of Corsica, Capraia, Monte Cristo and Pianosa. One can find many sites of historic significance, namely the Museum Archeologico Porotferraio, the Villa San Martino, the summer home of Napolean, Palazzina dei Mulini, the palace of Napolean and his sister which houses precious memorabilia from that era. This immensely pictorial place in Italy with ever-stretching shores with rocky-sandy beach fronts, dotted with faint-coloured cottages, provide a  [...]
    Posted at June 6th, 2009 at 02:06 pm
  • Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 1
    Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 1
    The Mediterranean islands spanning Italy are bursting with stunning locales and enthralling facts, right from Alicudi to the amazing Capri. Alicudi, the secluded, serene fisherman’s island, which is an enticing volcanic rock in the middle of the sea with surrounding cerulean waters, bears proud listing as an area of special interest in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This island lies off the north coast of Sicily, home to about a hundred some people, has amazing display of flora and fauna, and wandering birds during the spring and summer months. Palmarola is the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea with its sparkling clean waters, weathered coastline speckled with caves, inlets, ledges and rock faces. Ideal for the solitude seeker with yacht charters available on which one can view the picturesque views of the caves and majestic rock  [...]
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  • Exploring New York, The City Of Diversity And Contrast
    Exploring New York, The City Of Diversity And Contrast
    There are so many movies made about New York that even if you have not visited the place you have thorough knowledge about it. Most of the people are familiar with icons like Statue of Liberty and Empire State building. I have visited the apple city a couple of times but I still feel I have only scratched the surface. It is a city of diversity and contrast. The mix of different cultures that is seen in New York is probably more evident than any other city in the world. You will come across the elegant architecture of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) to the fine Beaux-Arts building that is Grand Central Station – a spot for many romantic meetings since it was built in 1903. You have everything from Chinatown to Little Italy to the skyscrapers of Wall Street and the now fashionable areas of Soho and Tribeca along with the little  [...]
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