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  • Why You Should Visit Shanghai?
    Why You Should Visit Shanghai?
    Shanghai, the biggest city in china, is glamorous with multicultural flair. Its perfect blend of western customs and Chinese traditions and together they make a unique Shanghai culture, which makes any visitor’s stay a memorable experience. Except having ton of museums and temples to visit, every street and lanes are, sort of, open-air museum of different and attractive skyscrapers. But this city, which is perfect mixture of modernization and traditional culture, is overlooked by the other well-known city of China, Beijing. And if you also think except skyscrapers and modernization, there is nothing to see in Shanghai then, think again! Here are top ten reasons you to shanghai china places to visit: Once you step out of Shanghai airport, the first things that you will notice are pretty buildings, varying in size and designs.  [...]
    Posted at March 8th, 2010 at 12:03 am
  • Bamyan Pristine Abode Of The Colossal Buddhas- Part II
    Bamyan Pristine Abode Of The Colossal Buddhas- Part II
    Bamyan, the biggest town in Hazarajat in central Afghanistan, had lately been ascribed as the abode to the most primeval oil-based works of art unparalleled globally. The town located on the old Silk Road lay at the intersection linking the Eastern and Western side, at a time when most of the trading among China and the Middle East was channelized via this way. In the fifth century, Bamyan was instated as capital by the Hunas. It is amongst the vastly frequented locales in Afghanistan due to the crag of Buddhas, the colossal statues, the monk caves vestiges, the City of Sighs or Shahr-e-Gholghola that has the remnants of a primordial city that faced the havoc of Ghengis Khan. The trail up to the Shahr-e-Gholghola is dotted with red rocks with the view from the top proffering spectacular sights of the Bamiyan valley. One comes across  [...]
    Posted at August 25th, 2009 at 04:08 pm
  • Fertility Tourism Destinations
    Fertility Tourism Destinations
    There has been a mass trend among baby hopefuls undertaking trips to visit fertility clinics in foreign countries often intended by those hunting for treatments to resolve infertility like in-vitro fertilization (IVF) amongst several other options that are comparatively pocket-friendly and the regulations are less rigorous. Typically, IVF procedure costs mount up to 12,000 U.S. dollars (USD) for every ovulation cycle attempt with patients shelling out close to 75,000 USD prior to even getting pregnant. While in other countries each treatment cost comes to a meagre 2,500-5,000 USD. Fertility tourism is quite a lucrative option as the couple can not only plan an extended unwinding holiday while alongside getting the treatment done in another country and yet comeback with money saved by doing it elsewhere. Many of those who visit foreign  [...]
    Posted at August 20th, 2009 at 08:08 pm
  • Todaiji Temple – The Pride of Japan
    Todaiji Temple – The Pride of Japan
    The Great Eastern Temple also called Todaiji, situated in mid Nara in the Nara Park, is amongst Japan’s highly fames shrines and a remarkable milestone of Nara. Built in 752 under the reign of Emperor Shomu, as the chief temple of all regional Buddhist temples found in Japan, it draws its name from its position in the east Nara that was the former capital of Japan at the time of its construction. Presently, it is the head-office of the Kegon school of Buddhism in Japan. Depicting the zenith of grand Buddhist architecture, the wide-scaling temple was appreciably bigger than what it presently stands. The prime figure of the temple is the bronze-based enormously sized statue of Buddha Vairocana venerated by the Kegon sect in Buddhism. In accordance to famed myths, close to twenty-six lakh locals assisted in the construction of the  [...]
    Posted at August 18th, 2009 at 09:08 pm
  • Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part VI
    Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part VI
    China is considered as a copious warehouse of Buddhist art that is unsurpassed worldwide. Built into a crag wall of the Echoing Sand Mountain that is 25 kilometres south-east of Dunhuang, Gansu Province, the Mogao Caves or Mogao Grottoes also known as the Thousand-Buddha Grottos is a hive of caves built between the fourth to the fourteenth centuries embodying the acme of Buddhist art and a rich treasure trove of Buddhist sutras, frescos and figurines. It is among the three famed rock grottos in China and stretches up to four levels high in the crag wall of the Mingsha hill. A total of 492 grottos in diverse sizes with more than two thousand colourful sculptures were built over a millennium. The vibrant murals are a perfect exemplar of art and mind’s eye, sodden with the best of the arts from primeval India, Greece and Iran.  [...]
    Posted at August 11th, 2009 at 08:08 pm
  • Splendour Beyond The Great wall Of China – Part V
    Splendour Beyond The Great wall Of China – Part V
    Considered a nugget amongst the magnificent sceneries in China, the 437 kilometres long Li River originates from the Cat Mountain flowing through the Guilin and Yangshuo as it winds its course like a blue ribbon passing through innumerable mountain peaks, tumbling waterfalls resembling a broad reeling picture that is bound to engage all the senses. Those who wish to unwind in the lap of nature far from the maddening hassles of urban life then the West Mountain and the Dian Chi Lake at the mountain’s base located in south-west Kunming, Yunnan are the ideal places to see. Undertake a trek up the West Mountain exploring the Longmen considered the largely picturesque spots found on the densely wooded West Mountain that overlooks the capacious Dian Chi Lake. The stunning solitary mountain of Lushan, located in south Jiujiang city in  [...]
    Posted at August 10th, 2009 at 10:08 pm
  • Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part IV
    Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part IV
    China is blessed with bountiful serenading sceneries ranging from majestic mountains, rivers, lakes and mystic grottos. The world famed Yellow Mountain rises straight amongst the mountain peaks in the south Anhui Province offering picturesque locales like pine woodlands, bizarre rocks, Cloud Sea and therapeutic hot water springs. The 154 square meters spanning Yellow Mountain also called Mt. Huangshan comprises of seventy-two multi-dimensional mountain peaks with the three key ones being the Lotus Peak, the Tiandu Peak and the Bright Summit Peak all of which are situated at 1800meters above the sea level. A one clambers up, one is faced with a plethora of jaw-dropping sights like the Ciguaung Pavillion nuzzled amidst dense forestation and lofty bamboo plantations and the nerve-soothing ambience of the Banshan Temple flanked by the  [...]
    Posted at August 9th, 2009 at 10:08 pm
  • Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part III
    Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part III
    Bund, an emblematic quintessence of Shanghai’s past got christened from a deserted beach located outside old Shanghai city. Sauntering through Shanghai is like penetrating a maze of varied world structural design that echo the insight and effort of its developers. The tree lining walkway of Bund alongside the west bank of the Huang Pu River was in the past the significantly famed street in Asia with key Far East firms having their head offices in the sea- facing buildings. One is enthralled by the plethora of sights on the Bund like the splendid Pudong skyline located on the east and several quaint buildings tracing back to the colonial times. The sights of Bund at night is a feast to all senses with buildings on either side being illuminated, rendering a spectacular sight. The indubitably novel icon of Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl  [...]
    Posted at August 8th, 2009 at 05:08 am
  • Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part II
    Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part II
    Coming to China, one must pay a visit to the eighth wonder of the world, the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses. Those keen in Chinese art and culture artefacts will definitely find it the most spectacular place to explore. Fortuitously unearthed in March 1974 in a location nearly 31kms away from Xi’an by the farmer community of Xianyang village who were digging a well and suddenly came across wrecked ceramic figures. After detailed excavation was initially uncovered an oblong shaped pit area full with buried terra cotta warriors and horses that belonged to the Qin Dynasty following which two other pits were unearthed that were located to the north of the first one, each of the two measuring 20 and 25 metres respectively. The first pit is oblong shaped with five slanting access ways located to the east and west sides of it. Within  [...]
    Posted at August 7th, 2009 at 06:08 pm
  • Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China Part – I
    Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China Part – I
    China with its wide-ranging topography, climate and brilliant history is a sure-fire formula for a magnanimous holiday. A famed Chinese adage seen on the Great Wall goes that ‘ He Who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a Real Man’, is rightly said so having a rich history tracing back to more than 2000years with an indubitable reputation of being the longest fortification wall worldwide and the sole man-made object observable from the moon. Also called the Ten Thousand Mile Wall, this commanding symbol of primeval Chinese civilization commences at Jianyuguan Pass on the West and ends in the east at the Shanhaiguan Pass with the part located at Badaling being highly famed as it is closely placed to Beijing City and well-preserved. The striking Badaling Great Wall in Yanqing County, Beijing, is symbolic of the haughty eminence  [...]
    Posted at August 6th, 2009 at 07:08 am