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  • Multi Faceted Mardi Gras
    Multi Faceted Mardi Gras
    The New Orleans city in the face of calamity perseveres in moving ahead with restoring several years of history and carrying on the three centuries old tradition of Mardi Gras as it is called in French or Fat Tuesday in English. The significantly popular tradition goes back to 1699 when the voyagers held the festivities of this French holiday on the Mississippi River banks, with the New Orleans locals every year adding several new features to the celebration like wide scale parades and balls backed by associations that attract hoards of crowds from across the globe who come here to sample the prolific entertainment the locals have to offer. Between the years 1835-1837, New Orleans got to experience the premier float and from 1856 onwards, the festivities included a splendorous sight of a fleet of floats sashaying down the main  [...]
    Posted at August 6th, 2009 at 06:08 pm
  • Incredible Cities Of Germany – Part-I
    Incredible Cities Of Germany – Part-I
    An incredible history and culture with nearly sixteen states each with its unique chronicles, makes Germany a wondrous place to visit. Cologne is the oldest city in Germany, swiftly metamorphosing into the fine art capital of the country. Cologne has many splendid looking cities, historical monuments of significance, great tongue-teasing gastronomic delights and the Kolsch beer to sample. Cologne has the famed carnival, many open air concerts in Ringfest and the Tanzbrunnen where one can park oneself on the Rheinterasse and sample the fine music for free. One can also take a train trip down to the Museumsmeile located in Bonn for some great concerts. The quaint town of Bamberg is a charming place to visit. Founded in 1206, Dresden is a known World Heritage Site, art aficionados can revel in the wide ranging array of the best museums,  [...]
    Posted at July 28th, 2009 at 12:07 am
  • Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 1
    Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 1
    The Mediterranean islands spanning Italy are bursting with stunning locales and enthralling facts, right from Alicudi to the amazing Capri. Alicudi, the secluded, serene fisherman’s island, which is an enticing volcanic rock in the middle of the sea with surrounding cerulean waters, bears proud listing as an area of special interest in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This island lies off the north coast of Sicily, home to about a hundred some people, has amazing display of flora and fauna, and wandering birds during the spring and summer months. Palmarola is the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea with its sparkling clean waters, weathered coastline speckled with caves, inlets, ledges and rock faces. Ideal for the solitude seeker with yacht charters available on which one can view the picturesque views of the caves and majestic rock  [...]
    Posted at June 6th, 2009 at 04:06 am
  • Swine Flu Plays Spoilsport For Tourism
    Swine Flu Plays Spoilsport For Tourism
    There are people all around the globe who are who are following the news of swine flu. Health officials have repeatedly stated that people cannot contract swine flu from eating pork or pork products. However, this does not imply that eating meat is safe.  After bird flu and recession, it is swine flu that is threatening to hamper this year’s tourism in a big way. There is a million dollar blow to the tourism industry.   Even as the tourism industry which was trying to come out of recession, swine flu has broken the back bone of this sector. There are many airlines that are feeling the pinch by having considerable low bookings and a high number of cancellations. Hotel operators are also seeing travelers postpone their plans. There is great fear among tourist who have planned their travel itineraries particularly to places like  [...]
    Posted at May 16th, 2009 at 07:05 am