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  • Coffer Of Antique Architectures: Berlin – Part III
    Coffer Of Antique Architectures: Berlin – Part III
    Tourist attractions Pergamon Museum: Enriched with immense miscellany hailing from the ancient times, this is an antique museum with a beautiful collection of artifacts. The most eye-catchy and applauded structure is altar from the Zeus temple located in Pergamon which belonged 180-160 BC. This splendid architecture is appraised as world’s most prominent archaeological discoveries. The museum houses stunning Antique assortment, the East Asian Collection, the near Eastern Museum and the Islamic Museum. So, to know more crispy descriptions about them, pick the electronic guides which are available in various languages at economical prices. Potsdamer Platz: Past the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989, Potsdamer Platz face-lifted from an isolated barren land into Europe’s most sought-after location as urban planners worked together to  [...]
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  • Coffer Of Antique Architectures: Berlin – Part II
    Coffer Of Antique Architectures: Berlin – Part II
    Enriched with striking attraction ranging from grandeur architecture, rich history, animals and much more exotica, this destination is a cool place to hang out in. If you are on a lookout for thrills and exploring the locations, then land here, this idyllic destination possesses something for everyone. Tourist attractions Kunstbibliothek, Berlin Art Library: Instituted in 1867, Berlin Art Library was created out of Craft Museum of the Berlin’s Craft Workers Union. This legendary library is enriched with ancient remains which are esteemed to be of high-value. Today, with its varied museums of architecture and fashion and graphic designs, it is one of the State Museums of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. It possesses an art library that is huddled with huge volumes of antiquity which figures to almost 1,80,000; a costume  [...]
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  • Coffer Of Antique Architectures: Berlin – Part I
    Coffer Of Antique Architectures: Berlin – Part I
    Renowned as the German capital, Berlin has never been a conventional and pretty city, although it is a rich coffer of finesse architectures, extensive museums which if compiled together ranks the richest in the entire globe. It is a comprehensive and ecstatic destination which offers bars and restaurants, lively nightlife and strong traditions in the creative field of performing arts. As it is rambling over an extensive area, it is filled with surplus natural parks, forests and lakes. This destination is truly peerless and unsurpassable. However it has been poorly destructed in the last years of World War 2 and later dilapidated due to the cold war. Still, Berlin has refurbished itself, which was noticeable with the reunification drive, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Today, it is possible to get a glance of numerous  [...]
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  • Beguiling Berlin Encore – Part II
    Beguiling Berlin Encore – Part II
    The Gedenkstätte Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz, the iniquitous villa where top-ranking Nazis presided over by Heydrich, chalked out their devious closing plans on the expediency of genocide is now the place of tribute, the Wannsee Conference Memorial House that showcases photographic displays on that fateful conference and the its outcome. The Museum Berlin-Karlshorst comprises of sixteen rooms inclusive of the one where the Nazi commanders signed the absolute surrender after the Soviets conquered Berlin. The museum guides one through the two world wars, the cold war including an assortment of deals, surrenders and conquests along with various photos, video displays amongst others. Cogitate over the mammoth atrocities inflicted over millions of Jews at the cruel hands of Hitler and his army by visiting the Holocaust Memorial spanning  [...]
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  • Berlin – A City Full Of Live And Brimming With Hope
    Berlin – A City Full Of Live And Brimming With Hope
    Berlin has bagged its place in the list of “UNESCO’s City Of Design”. This city bubbles with innovation in the creative arts. In the earlier days Berlin was sometimes looked upon in horror, fascination or sympathy, but today the whole of Europe looks upon Berlin as a trendsetter. Berlin, the capital of Germany is one of the most influential centers of the European Union. Berlin has been capital of different German nations: County of Brandenburg, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire, German Democratic Republic (only the Eastern part), and also of today’s Germany. The name Berlin is derived from the Slavic syllable “Berl”, which means “swamp”. Berlin is a city which is famous for history and culture. The immediate connection, when Berlin is mentioned is well-known World War II. You can witness the area  [...]
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  • The Gems Of Germany
    The Gems Of Germany
    If you wish to explore any place which has remnants of the recent past, then Germany’s the place for you. As all of us are aware Germany played a very important role during the previous world wars which makes this country a popular tourist destination. Tourist flock to this country to have a glimpse of those monuments which were heard in stories told by our grand parents and are still not forgotten. 1. Berlin Wall Berlin wall has the most historic values that attract tourist across the world .it is a place that’s more inundated with charged up emotions. The vestige of the wars stands as one of the greatest monuments to democracy known to man 2. The Romantic Road It is one of the most scenic tourist attraction in Germany that goes winding from the River Main in the north towards the southern part of Alps. The  [...]
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