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migrationOne of the world most bio-diverse wilderness, as a potent river meanders its way from the highlands in Angola, tipping out athwart the huge, levelled plains in north Botswana forming the biggest inland delta globally, the majestic Okavango. It is Africa’s splendid and biggest oasis that is situated in the middle of the Kalhan sands.

A treasure chest of sorts with a huge populace of 95 reptilian and amphibian forms, 72 small animal types, numerous grass-eaters like giraffe, roan, impala, red lechwe, buffalo, elephant, zebra, wildebeest, sable alongside sitatuga, the rare and near endangered wild dog, leopard, lion, cheetah, hyena, lion which prey on the herbivores. The delta ecology with its varying habitats from parched to inundated has more than thousand varied plant forms, an estimate of 35 million fish of close to 80 species- the bream and tiger fish being quite abundant and 550 bird species ideal for some great bird watching spree.

One can notice a flow of game between Savute and Linyati which comprise of elephants, buffalos from the water sources of Okovango, Linyati and Chobe during the commencement of the rains near November and a slow return when the dry season starts. It is an exhilarating spectacle to watch huge herds of Zebra flocking to the Makgadikgadi Pans during the rains and close to the Boteti River in the drier months.

560 hero eles in okavango mdFrom Maun one can board a light aircraft, soaking in the ethereal views of the magnificent water kingdom of the Okavango Delta. One can halt at a water camp, undertake island bush hikes or a motorboat cruise; or revel in the game drives about the fertile Jao flats. Venture into the Ketumetse trails in Selinda which is seasonally inundated, to enjoy some canoeing if the hippo huddle does not intervene, round the clock game drives or go fishing on the waters.

Explore the wilds under African ebony and acacia growths proffering scenic views of the Linyanti Swamps. Gain preamble to the Stolen River along with the affluent flood plains of Selinda Spillway during a game drive to the Savute Channel.

kwetsaniThe Chobe National Park located in the northern Chobe is known for its vast flocks of elephants, mysterious puku and the Chobe bush buck found in the arid areas which later throng the river during the sweltering times of the day.

Xigera is the penultimate Delta expedition with its calm waters that flow into a myriad of channels about isolated islands and its affluent plant, bird and animal forms.

Okavango has plentiful plant life with the papyrus- a giant grass variety found only in Africa and the phoenix palm that are the predominant perpetual swamps found along the Boro River, Thaoge River and the Moanatshira system.Okavango is truly a shinning, inimitable exemplar of tantalizingly vibrant innate balance at work.

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