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Statue of Liberty, officially named, as Liberty Enlightening the World, is the most recognized symbol of States. It was gifted by the France to America representing friendship between two countries. Initially when it was shipped to America, it came in three hundred and fifty pieces and took three months to put it together. The history behind the statue is significant and cannot be forgotten by the citizens of States. As the land on which the statue is built, reminds most of the citizen’s that before settling in America, their ancestors were first to step here to enter in America. The Ellis Island was the official immigration office where most immigrants had to register first to come in the States. So to come at Ellis Island, immigrants had to pass the Statue Island. Millions of immigrants who step onto the land of States brought lots of hope and fresh beginning. Now its being one hundred and twenty three years and the States with its tolerant nature and acceptance to new environment has reached to be world most developed in all fields of science, technology and communication.

Statue of liberty
So, now I think you got the importance of the Liberty of statue and why is it heart of the NY? How to visit the Statue Island and what other factors should be kept in mind while visiting there…

To reach at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, there is only one way to reach, by ferry as the Statue Island and Ellis Island, both, are situated in the center of the American Harbor. The ferry annually carries million of tourists back and forth from the Battery Park (New York) and Liberty State Park (New Jersey). You cannot reach Statue of liberty with unprepared schedule, you have to first but tickets online as the limited number of visitors are allowed per day. And on online booking, you will not get tickets of that same day but next day or a week depends on your luck, as many tickets are booked prior a month.

Climbing the statue:

It was believed that it was not safe to climb to the Statue’s torch as too much of weight in the arm might not take and fall out. But the truth is from after 9/11 incident the entry inside the statue was prohibited, for the safety of the statue. Now, it is open to the public but the climb is not for the Faint hearted as to reach at the crown of the Statue, one has to climb up 354 steps (each way!) and there is no elevator available inside the Statue. Plus, avoid going in summer, as the temperature will be very high and unbearable!

Statue of liberty guided tour


Visiting the Statue or Ellis Island is free; but you have to buy tickets for ferry. The ferry will cost Adults – $12; children Best time to visit Statue of liberty(4 -12 years) – $5; children – and senior citizens (+62) – $10. The tour inside the Statue will cost extra three dollars and need another pass, crown pass, to reach to the crown of the statue.

Even self-guided audio tour is available in nine different languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish, which will cost around $6. Even children, between 6-10 years, can enjoy audio tour and the narration includes fictional animals to make the tour exciting for them too.
Tickets should be booked online and ferry ticket also includes New York Pass – present New York Pass in Castle Clinton bookstore for ticket.

Best time to visit: Statue of liberty symbolism

The best to visit to statue of liberty is in summer (June – September) which is good as well as bad. Try to reach early as possible because later in daytime, it gets hectic and crowded and you might take two hours in line. It is better to carry food and water bottle. The total time to tour around the statue will take around two to three hours. If you are going up to the crown of the statue then can exceed up to four hours.

So there you have it! Your guide to surviving the Statue of Liberty! Oh yeah, do not overlook the Gatorade!

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  1. vareeja says:

    The classical appearance of the Statue of Liberty is based on the mythological Roman goddess Libertas, who represented liberty and freedom.

    The right foot is raised and her left forward as if trampling broken shackles.

    The torch represents enlightenment. The Keystone in her hand represents knowledge

  2. jeff says:

    the statue of liberty gives importance to the friendship between two countries, i.e with the france.

    thats the main reason this statue is the pride of america, which denotes the development of science, technology and communication..

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