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You are on a travel and guess you come across a wonderful picturesque land and you don’t have a camera to capture it, what do you do in such a situation? If you are a creative writer and don’t want to miss out on this wonderful picture you simply pull out your pen and paper and start scribbling. Scribbling in terms not merely scribbling but write notes on what you just saw. For creative writers, any place is the best suited may it be the last deck of the bus or a bench near the sea shore. You can select the place as per your preference.

creative writerThe best advantage of spontaneous writing is that you don’t miss out on any details, if the matter is delayed then you might miss out on some points but when it is live that you are jotting down all the points its highly impossible for you to miss out on any thing that is important. Travel blogs are getting popular these days and I have even seen people leaving their jobs and setting out on a world tour and they get funding through their blogs, which they write of their experiences. The major creativity comes from you when you are spontaneous you want to get things done just now without any delays, this gives you can added benefit of writing more creatively.

So pick up a place where you are comfortable and get ready to draw the across picture in to words, use as many creative words that comes to your mind relating to the episode, find the beauty in everything that you see across and define them for your readers. Think that your readers are blind and help them know for real what you are seeing at present. Once you get in the tangle of writing, you will see that you just go on and on and there is no stopping you, you develop your inner creativity by exploring your own self. Find the trick, which will help your readers visualize for real and get them interested in to your story line.

You may term it as free writing, intuitive writing or free writing, let the flow remain whenever you write, even at 2’O clock at night you should feel the energy and push yourself in to writing what you are currently experiencing. As they say, “Actions speaks louder than words”, the reverse is true especially when you are not eye-to-eye with a person. Liberate yourself from anything that is binding you and set yourself in to new free world, you can correct any grammar errors later but for now let just the flow happen.

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    A dash of humor, a broad outlook about life and people as such,easily intermingling with the local culture wherever you go are important for a travel writer. This assimilated in the travel article makes it worth reading!
    Thanks for writing !

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