Splendour Beyond The Great wall Of China – Part V

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Considered a nugget amongst the magnificent sceneries in China, the 437 kilometres long Li River originates from the Cat Mountain flowing through the Guilin and Yangshuo as it winds its course like a blue ribbon passing through innumerable mountain peaks, tumbling waterfalls resembling a broad reeling picture that is bound to engage all the senses.

hk lThose who wish to unwind in the lap of nature far from the maddening hassles of urban life then the West Mountain and the Dian Chi Lake at the mountain’s base located in south-west Kunming, Yunnan are the ideal places to see. Undertake a trek up the West Mountain exploring the Longmen considered the largely picturesque spots found on the densely wooded West Mountain that overlooks the capacious Dian Chi Lake.

The stunning solitary mountain of Lushan, located in south Jiujiang city in Jiangxi Province soars precipitously over the south bank of the Yangtze River with its monstrous peaks and rock faced crags is truly nature at its raw best.

The Wudalianchi located in the Heilongjiang Province comprises of five big interlinking lakes and is a famed picturesque locale. The scenic parts of the Huanglong located in the midst of the Minshan Mountains and the Wulingyuan comprising of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Reserve, the stunning Yangjiajie, Suoxiyu and the Tianzishan proffer superlative scenic locales.

The one of its kind ever on the face of the earth is the yellow coloured Hukou waterfalls of the Yellow River that constricts and surges vividly thirty metres beneath into a rock pond. Considered among the largest waterfalls in China, the impressive Huangguoshu is set over the Baishui River. The Diaoshuilou Waterfall present close to the opening of the Jingbo Lake in the south-east Heilongjiang River is a magnificent sight.

The Temple of Heaven also called Tiantan is the largest temples in China was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing emperors made sacrificial offerings to the Gods and sought blessings for a good reap.

The Summer Palace which was the summer getaway for the Qing rulers at one time, is the largest, finely conserved imperial garden in China comprising of 290 hectares of wide spanning park most of which is covered by a man-made lake.

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