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seattleA rendezvous with Seattle is ideally commenced at the Pike Place Market, suitably hailed as the ‘Soul of Seattle’ located just over the Waterfront. This olden market having commemorated its 102th anniversary, spans nearly 9-acres with splendid sights of ferryboats and cargo ships gently gliding by the bay beneath, the freshest seafood transported right from the feral waters of the North Pacific Ocean, Pike Place Market bustling with a whole host of local and international gastronomic options, pubs, shops, booths, arcades, handmade pieces and lot more to amply cater to all ages.

The Space Needle, the artistic genius of architect Edward Carlson, is a mimic of the spacecraft mores of the Cold War period, undoubtedly the pictogram of Seattle proffering scenic views of the city atop the observation tower. The humongous steel erection ranging 120 feet wide and 30 feet deep has mammoth bristly appendages to balance the space shuttle viewing deck and the famed rotating restaurant crowning it, taking close to a minute to touch the apex.

space needle seattleThe Seattle centre is a miniature city with the several attractions like the Children’s Festival, Arab and Italian Festivals, Bumbershoot and the Bite of Seattle. The Seattle Centre has the most magnificent pyrotechnic shows on New Year’s Eve, live concerts happening at the Memorial Stadium, great rides for kids at the Forest Amusement Park or enjoy an extraordinary ocular experience at the Experience Music Project. One can board the Seattle Monorail to Westlake Center for some amazing retail therapy.

At close proximity is the Children’s museum where the kiddie brigade till 10 years can enjoy on the huge wood vehicles, head off on a mini trek adventure through the Mountain Forest or don garb and host shows.

Get invigorated at the premier Starbucks outlet located in downtown Seattle or enjoy a lazed outing at the Waterfront over Pike Place Market. The walkways and docks that contour Elliot Bay are constantly abuzz with commercialization. Located on Pier 59 is the renovated Seattle Aquarium known for its contact ponds, amazing aquatic life and exhibition. The Pier 66 offers splendid views of several world renowned liners that quay at the Bell Pier Cruise Terminal, up-to-date worldwide convention centre, the Maritime Discovery Centre or visit the Pier at 62-63 during the summer time for its live concerts set amidst majestic Seattle skyline.

seattlewaterfront largeThe multi-floored prominent Seattle Art Museum has the towering figurine of the Hammering Man at its foyer housing notable displays, the Porcelain Room, art works of famed people and lot more. The open-air art sculpture displays at the Olympic Sculpture Park are immensely aesthetic.

Art adherents can seek gratification in the 30 impressive art galleries located in the party Pioneer Square. The night life is buzzing in the music clubs located in Pioneer Square. The Licorous Lounge located at 12th Avenue, the Zig Zag Cafe, Eastlake Zoo Tavern, Vessel or Sambar are some of the hot and happening night life joints in Seattle.

One can enjoy the amazing Seattle skyline aboard a ferry ride from Bell Harbour Marina or explore the Mount Rainier for its mammoth volcanoes. The Mount Rainier National Park has spectacular vistas ideal for avid nature lovers.

The Woodland Park Zoo is a place to visit with the family with its impressive array of animal life, special summer time concerts, the Pumpkin Prowl and the southward placed Rose Garden.

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