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Six Flags Magic Mountain not for faint-hearted

Six Flags Magic Mountain is the most famous and beat thrill park in whole California. It not only favorite among thrill seekers but is also home for holding world record in rides like Revolution, Viper, X2 are just few to name among over six flags magic mountain x2hundred rides. Anyways the Six Flags are known for their themed parks, thrill parks, water parks and family entertainment centre, throughout the North America.

The park covers around two hundred and sixty acres of land and has many themed areas, rides that are over hundred, games and other attraction. The decoration is somewhat Disney style because here you will see Gotham City, a Batman themed segment, section inspired by Asians, and southwestern style area. But the themes areas looses it décor by the steel and wood used in amount which makes this park. The park is constructed on a hill, so to walk around the park it is a difficult task and during summer season, it’s horrible! But walking around the park in high temperature is worth for unbeatable collection of coasters.

If you head to the west, once you enter the park, you will come across the biggest coaster, Colossus. The specialty of this coaster is the drop from more than hundred feet. The ride was one upon a time, the world’s fastest and biggest coaster. This ride easily stands out from the other rides in the park. Just beside to colossus is Gotham City and Batman. At the Batman themed park, you will find many rides which change its direction while the ride is on, and some are inverted coaster with many loops and rolls. Though the rides are small but you will have fun on it. Further to the east, you will find Terminator ride which is Magic Mountain’s new ride.

If the above coasters didn’t impress you much then you should try Six Flag’s most amazing rides. Tatsu! If you are scared of flying then you shouldn’t try this ride. This coaster is specially designed to imitate flying. When you are seated and strapped, the seat automatically lays you down on you stomach. The ride then starts in circular motion with speed. The whole event is very scaring and adventurous! This coaster is the speediest, longest and tallest roller coaster in the world.

The most loved and coaster enthusiast can’t avoid it, Viper! The viper is the holder of the record of being the fastest, highest loop and tallest. It’s liked among thrill seeker because it has seven inversions and 2:30 ride time. The most famous coaster in Magic Mountain is the X2. X2 is known in world as fourth dimension coaster. Well whatever it would be called but one thing is true, its pure madness. The unlike thing about this coaster is that the seats rotate three sixty degree and leave the rider, a mind blowing experience, he would never forget!

The people who are searching for some insanity and thrilling experience then this place ranks top in contender list. The rides are no jokes here. Six Flag.Inc surely falls beyond any thrill-seeker expectation. Notice: Do not eat too much if you are willing to go on these rides, or end up puking on others!

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  1. Sue says:

    What a thrilling rides its going to be!! totally breath taking!! This should be the best holiday for me!

  2. Hurree says:

    Obviously these rides are not jokes! you should have balls to go and have fun! i’m sure people above 18 and no heart patients!

  3. Maryline says:

    I’m already into this world! This is heaven for me! If you want to live life you have to be here.

  4. Ana says:

    I think this park is only for roller coasters! Different varieties of coasters and that also the best all over the world!

  5. Nigel says:

    I’ve been to this park when I had gone for a trip to US. This theme park was totally insane! I and my friends had gone mad after going to all the possible rides! we experienced all sorts of fear and thrilling!

  6. Rachel says:

    I have a roller coaster phobia! I am damn scared to sit on any of them. I have also seen the movie final destination 3 where the ride breaks out and all the people dies! Oh god! what a scary movie!

  7. Naomi says:

    Gotham city, batman, roller coasters! you’ve got everything in this park! 200 acres of land of complete entertainment!

  8. Jessica says:

    About 100 rides! can we get accomodation for 1 night as I don’t think it will be possible to fnish the whole park in a day!

  9. vareeja says:

    Magic Mountain became the only park in the world with a 360-degree steel looping coaster (though previous roller coasters with loops had been built and dismantled elsewhere).

    When it was built, there was very little in the way of surrounding brush.

    Now, the tracks are surrounded by trees and bushes, which prevents the riders from knowing the track layout beforehand

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