The Most Scary Bridges in the World

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Why we create Bridges? What is their need? Hey what kind of things I am asking you guys? All of us know that Bridges help people commute from one place to another. As we say, “necessity is the mother of invention”. So the bridges are carved out of necessity. But in some parts of the world, this necessity has created such scary bridges that it is very dreadful to look at them forget to take a walk along them. But still many people put their lives on risk and cross them on daily basis. When you will have a look at those bridges or just read about the type of material they are made off, that would be enough to give a running chill through your spine.

The bridges which are considered to be scary worldwide are the ropeway bridges, hanging bridges, suspension bridges and sky high vehicular bridges. Many countries boast of having such bridges namely Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Nepal and India. Many of you hearing this may have start getting goose bumps in your tummies and you want to pack your bags and set off on a journey to visit these bridges. But hey who suffer from acrophobia need not take a plunge and just better sit and read about them.

The scariest of all bridges is in Pakistan above the Hussaini Borit Lake. Apart from the material used in its construction, the high speed gushing water adds more thrill. Made up of only wooden planks and ropes, this bridge stands at a pretty good height. The scariest thing is that the planks are missing at many places and this bridge is very narrow. But the locals have been using it since a long time to travel to cities of North Pakistan. My advice is that it is better to watch it from a distance and click photographs as it is set against a marvellous natural backdrop.

Hussaini Borit Lake Bridge

Called Japan’s Scariest Suspension bridge, The Musou Tsuribashi Bridge is really scary. The oldest and the narrowest Musou Tsuribashi Bridgebridge of Japan is located in a remote location and if you gather the courage to walk past down it and get injured, be prepared that nobody would come to your rescue for hours. The next scary bridge is in the Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia. It is 500m in length and is made out of netting, ropes, ladders and planks. This rope bridges finds it support through the trees. This bridge shakes when visitors take it just for clicking the photographs as it is in a national park which is full of wide variety of Flora and Fauna.

The Hanging Bridge in Ghasa, Nepal was the scariest of all according to me. Situated at an unknown but a very great height, the idea of its conception came to reduce the congestion between the towns due to increasing population. Many animals and people have died while crossing this bridge but the exact number of deaths is not known. I wonder why people risk their lives every day and cross this bridge but I am clueless. There are still many scary bridges to be explored and discovered but this is the truth that many people everyday put their lives in danger and tread them just to keep their daily routine going on. Hats off! to such people.

Hanging Bridge in Ghasa

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