The Salzburg Fort in Austria – A Must Visit

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Never been conquered by the enemy but will conquer you with its magnificent architecture and rich history. We are talking about the Hohensalzburg fortress also known as Salzburg Fort, the largest fort in central Europe. Symbol of largest preserved medieval European defensive structure, gives the visitors an insight into the royal lifestyle of the Knights, damsels, and the Prince Bishops. The main attractions are the Golden Hall and the Golden Chamber studded with ornamental painting and complicated Gothic Wood Carvings. Even the city of Salzburg in Austria is no less than a jewel. The city holds endless mysteries and awaits the tourist to unfold it step by step. It is also known as the city of music as it is the birthplace of legendary musician, Mozart. The panorama of the Salzburg basin, the old city and nearby Alpine mountain peaks is simply breathtaking.

Salzburg Fort

Apart from the Salzburg Fort, there are many attractions in the city which will make the tourist fall for it again and again. Salzburg as a tourist destination is simple ecstatic. The city of music also houses the Mozart memorial in the loving memory of the legend. You will find various places, shops named after Salzburg’s most famous son. Some of them worth quoting are Mozartsteg, Sweet treats Mozartkugel, and Mozart Croissants. Do not forget to visit the Salzburg Cathedral as the beaming white marble enchants every visitor. There are many churches, cloisters and cemeteries worth seeing inside the cathedral.

The shopping freaks how about an idea to shop till you drop in the Austria’s most beautiful open-air shopping centre. Luxury boutiques fused with the traditional businesses, Getreidegasse is a pedestrian only zone where you will find flower covered arcade courts, houses with public passages called “Durchhauser” and many cafes and shops. Castle of Lust- the Hellbrunn castle let the visitors experience the luxurious lifestyle of princes and arcbishops. The water sculptures are magnanimous. The children area inside the castle is loved the most by the kids. One can try out many things to enjoy the enchanting and marvellous beauty of the castle. Strolling the Hellbrunn Park, visit the Steinheater and view exotic flower in the orangerie are some to name.

Hellbrunn Park

The Salzburg Zoo is home to domestic and wild animals. The natural conditions in the zoo see that predatory cat, rhinos, bears, wild horses live in their natural habitats. If lucky, a visit at night to this Zoo will truly leave you mesmerized. The Museum of Natural History will give an informational insight into the lives of primitive people, minerals, insects and history of earth. The permanent exhibits, special shows with snakes, alligators and turtles are also available. The adults and the children will find everything they read in their history and science books here. The Dinosaur Hall, the space hall and the world of ocean would enhance their knowledge manifold.

Salzburg Zoo

Some of the other places worth visiting in the Salzburg city are the Churches, Untersberg Mountains,  the St.  Peters burial grounds, carriage rides, and the Mirabell Castle and the Mirabell garden. Though tourists flock the Salzburg city for the marvellous Salzburg fort but the entire city is a paradise worth visiting.

Mirabell Castle

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  1. Yjee says:

    Salusburg has got enchanting scenery, lovely hills, and I find it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe..Since it is the birthplace of many eminent personalities, Salusburg not only offers scenic views but also the most ancient bookshop in the German-speaking world..It is near Alter Markt Square..

    The Salusburg Festival is one of the most happening music festivals in Europe..I was actually wanting to see whether the hills glowed green with music..And YES, they indeed did!!

    There are lovely and peaceful churches here with mind-blowing architectural work…
    This place is a heaven for those seeking culture at its zenith!
    I’m indeed in love with this city!
    Thanks for your post on Salusburg!

  2. Jolie Dutch says:

    The Salusburg Fort is indeed really awesome..!
    If you ever come to Salusburg, which you must, visit the Untersburg mountain, ther’s bus which will take you there..It takes about twenty minutes to reach the foot of the hill..!
    It would be great if you visit this region during the day..!
    The views will blow you..!
    They are just amazing!
    There also a queer Alphine Lodge at the base of the Cable car Terminus at the top of the mountain, where you can enjoy the yummy sausage, or sip in some local brew!
    Oh I forgot to mention the exotic Gluwine which is a must try!!
    Then you can walk around or ski and breathe the fresh mountain breeze!
    You are surely going to love this place..And will keep returning again and again here!

  3. Max Schreiner says:

    That’s a really interesting post on Salusburg fort!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Thanks!

  4. Zelda says:

    Indeed Untersburg are the Austrian Alps..Magnificient, green , enigmatic..Such a beautiful place can only inspire genius musicians, and architects!
    What an amazing and lovely place!

  5. Wallace D'Costa says:

    When we were at Salusburg, my family including my 9-year old son and my wife and me, we of course visited the Salusburg fort which is MARVELOUS!
    The place is so quiet with peaceful beauty and a lot of enigma! The weather is lovely throughout the year!
    We went to the Werfen Ice Caves..!
    This place is so different from the other Ice caves we’ve been to in Alaska and Canada..There is a 3 km walk inside to the cave which was really fun! We were well clothed with sweater and denims and boots as the wind is gusty and will want to push you away!

    This was a lovely adventure besides the entire relaxing vacation that we had here!

  6. Alexia Hopper says:

    No matter where you would be in the city of Salusburg, its hard to not see the Fort of Salusburg! It will always be in your view and you must see this Fort for its ornate walls on which you’ll see turnips and the high and beautiful ceiling built by a nobleman!
    This Fort overlooks the entire city of Salusburg with the hills surrounding it..It just seems so magnificent!

  7. Rose Sanders says:

    AMAZING post on the Castle of Salusburg!
    I suggest you walk around the place..climbing the hill, rather than taking a tour around the Castle!
    This is fantastic place!

  8. Erica Emmons says:

    Jolly good post! Thanks so much! Glad you posted about my hometown..I’m away at California and miss my home…Thanks a lot :-)

  9. Illeana Ryle says:

    That’s a FABULOUS post! Congratulations,You’ve stumped me! I enjoyed reading about this beautiful place and going down the memory lane..This is the place where I’ve spent most of my childhood days…
    Thanks :-)

  10. Patty McCarthy says:

    I’ve been to the Fortress, and I can say it is indeed really IMPRESSIVE..There’s a small cafe in the courtyard which is really value for your money..
    You must visit the biergarten for the awesome views of the valley in the Castle of Salusburg..

    Thanks for the post!

  11. Oscar Gandhi says:

    I wish I could go to this place! It seems so awesome! Thanks so much fro sharing so much information about Salusburg which has so much to offer to everyone!
    Thanks a lot!

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