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Salalah, not known to many of us, but is the crown jewel of the desert kingdom Oman. Salalah tourist attractions will take you by surprise; there are beaches, resorts, natural beauty, ancient historic sites and parks and gardens. What else can one think for? It is surely the coolest destination of the desert kingdom. You would be surprised to know that the world famous perfume – Frankincense is also found here. UNESCO has declared Wadi Dawkah – the biggest preserve of Frankincense as the World Heritage Site.

Salalah Tourist Attractions

Believed to be the preserver of the remains of Prophet Mohammed, the Nabi Ayub’s tomb is a major tourist attraction. When you take a stroll along the tomb your hands would touch the versus of the pious Quran inscribed on the wall and will bring your spiritual side to surface. The most spectacular of all the Salalah tourist attractions, is the Mughsail Beach. This beach is surrounded by cliffs and mountains. The panoramic views are simply breathtaking. Different species of birds on the beach adds another feather to its cap. Here something unusual would captivate your attention. It is the blow holes in the rocky shelf. These holes become the reason for beautiful display of water and foam bursts which sometimes reach 50 feet in the air. The ruins of Khor Rori and Al Balid also give a majestic look of the sea. Visiting this place will provide you enormous informational insight into the Pre Islamic settlement.

Nabi Ayoub’s tomb

The beaches in Salalah are ideal for all water sport activities like scuba diving, sailing, jet skiing and diving. The unspoiled beaches will be a delight for every tourist. One can also spot many migrating birds along the coastlines of marshy Khawrs. The region aptly can be called as bird watchers paradise. You can also get to capture the camels walking on roads if you are there in June as it’s when they start migrating to lower parts. The ecstatic beauty of springs, Ain Hamran, Ain Razat and Ain Sahnot will behold the imagination of a nature lover. If you want to look straight in eagle eyes, rush to Ain Hamran.

Salalah camel

Wanna enjoy bathing in hot spring, choose Ain Razat. You will fall in love with these places as I had during my trip to Salalah. This place is a ideal picnic spot for the families welcoming them with beautiful landscaped gardens, picturesque hills and streams. Taqah which is just 36 kms from Salalah is a picture perfect quaint village. The Fort at Taqah will take you back to the era when the royalty used to reside here.

How can one forget the museums, which is the true preserver of the cultural heritage? The museums here a store house of Musnad writings, pottery, coins, sculptures of the 11th century A.D. One will feel close to the Mother Nature when one visits the Wadi Darbat Natural Park. The wildlife, mountains, the caves and the scenic waterfalls will behold your senses forever.

Wadi Darbat Natural Park

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  1. Hector D'Souza says:

    Salaah is indeed a jewel in the Gulf! This place has almost no traffic on the roads, its hardly crowded with people, the green hills and clean beaches, and lovely waterfalls and banana plantations which remind me of my trip to India! Mid July till August end is the best time to visit Salaah as the climate is really cool and you can see all the greenery and waterfalls too!

  2. Illeana Ryle says:

    Salaah is a beautiful city a gem in Oman..Places to visit in Salaah are Nabi Ayoub’s tomb. The people of Salaah are very amiable and will tell you the story of Ayub. Even if you are a non-Muslim, or are not inclined towards visiting the grave itself, the area in the vicinity of the grave gives great views of the green mountains and the entire city.Don’t miss the place when Prophet Ayub thumped the ground to let a jut of water rise!

  3. Langston Giuliani says:

    Places worth visiting in Salaah are also Frankincense trail, it is listed in the world heritage sites and has remains of caravan oasis and trading ports.Salaah is probably the only place on Earth where rainy season is high season. When we were staying in Dubai, we had the opportunity to experience this wonder! When the rest of Saudi Arabia was sweating due to heat, it was raining in Salaah! Salaah is by far the most green place I’ve seen in Gulf region..The hotel where we stayed was Hiltonwhich gave us a friendly and authentic service like you’d expect everywhere else in Oman. It had a nice garden area and pool area where really nice too.Th rains were a welcome relief from the heat in Dubai!

  4. Horace Nye says:

    Salaah is a very beautiful, less overpopulated and a vacation destination for those in Saudi Arabia who wish to escape the heat and enjoy the rains..Salaah is the only place where it rains in Saudi Arabia when the rest of it is experiencing the scorching heat..! Salaah is a beautiful land where there are plenty of things where you do nothing at all..It is a definite retirement location as there is nothing much to do, other than driving, fishing and exploring the quietness of the place..Also must visit here are Job’ tomb(where their is a restaurant with fantastic views of the city) and Mirbat in Salaah :-)

  5. Kylie Smithson says:

    A really nice post on Salaah! Thanks a lot for the helpful guide
    I’m planning to visit Salaah in December and this definitely helped.
    Thanks :-)

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