Rupshu Trek in Ladakh travels

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Ladakh the land of exotic sights, fascinating thrills and extreme travel pleasures is a nature lover’s destination and a tourists dream come true. Enjoy Rupshu trek in Ladakh travels and enter the beautiful harsh nomadic lifestyle of Ladakh.

Situated between the Tibet border and the Zanskar ranges, the Rupshu region is a well known region of Ladakh. This area is majorly a part of the plains of the Chang Tang here in Ladakh and they form a great landform here in Rupshu. This rugged terrain with its cheerfully inhabited Chang Pa nomads is a great locale for all the Ladakh travel lovers.

Rupshu trek
Rising to a height of around 6000m the snow clad peaks of Rupshu region lend beauty to the eye and they provide the kind of experience which any tourist would surely want to have at least once. The Khardung La pass is very popular here as the highest road pass in the entire world at a height of 17,384 feet. The Rupshu trek normally starts from Hemis and then heads towards south into the central portion of Rupshu. The absolute thrill of crossing around 3 high passes at an average height of around 16,400 feet makes the tourist surrender to this experience in Ladakh travels. The beautiful scenery, the high meadows giving best campsites, and the secluded villages gives the tourists the most magnificent encounters and the encampments at Chang Pa provide ideal memories for the tourists.

The Rupshu trek starts at Leh and you would certainly like to go around this beautiful land of thrill, excitement and adventure along with the traditional and cultural values that bind this place. So enjoy the lethargic stroll in Leh’s colourful market.

Rupshu trek in Ladakh

Enjoy the sights of the most popular and most ancient monasteries in this exotic region of Ladakh. See the Hemis, Shey and Thikse monasteries and just get totally lost in these pristine surroundings.

The next day you would go to Hemis by bus and there is an overnight stay here. The following day you would carry on this trek to the Indus Valley. Descend down to Martselang and enjoy the scene of this valley. This valley which is beautiful with its narrow lanes and lovely riverbeds is a hub of touristic activity. You would reach a place called Shang Sumdo and the exotic and adventurous experience here is something that has to be experienced to be believed.

From Shang Sumdo you would reach Latza Kongmaru which is at a height of around 4800 m and it is extremely interesting and intriguing to explore these areas where you have the best gorges and ideal adventure experiences. Get the thrill of ponies carrying your load and just bask in the glory of natural surroundings and Ladakh thrills.

Shang Sumdo

From here you would go towards Langtang Chu crossing the Kang Yatze at a height of around 6400 m and get to see most fascinating views of Karakoram and China. Reach the Markha valley and stay overnight here.

Cross the Langtang Chu and then reach Zalung Karpo La and from here the following day proceeds to the forests and gorges here and you would find the beautiful greenery in the village of Dat.

Langtang Chu

On the tenth day you would be in the Dat yar La pass which gives great vies of Rupshu. Here you would see the Khyangs which are wild donkeys found in Ladakh travels. Go towards Takh and enjoy the beauty of this pass.

Tourists love to drive to Manali after this and cross the Rohtang pass where you would also get the sights of the valley at Kulu Manali.


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