Rotorua – Land Of Geothermal Bliss And Lake Scapes

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rotorua-wai-o-tapu-lady-knox-geyserFor those who seek the pleasures of the old world where you were one with nature, revelling in the joyous charms of baiting fish, long winding strolls along vegetated trails, rowing or paddling your own boat or deriving thrills in plunging through an innate water hole, then Rotorua is the perfect family expedition for you.

The city of Rotorua located on the North island of New Zealand. This place is located in an area that is the one of the final remnants of geo-thermally active sites worldwide. The warm therapeutic waters beacon one and all for a skinny dipping session.

Set amidst beautiful landscapes of bubbling geothermal activity, hot water springs and mud pools is the quaint village of Whakarewarewa located in Rotorua, the core of the North Island. According to Maori history, this was the place where the fire goddess sprung up from the earth’s core fuming and breathing wildly leading to formation of geysers, hot water springs and mud pools. With seven active geysers spitting up fumes and larva to amazing heights of about 30 mtrs and more than 500 pools, Pohutu, meaning explosion in Maori, is the most visites sites in Rotorua.  Pohutu has a wide array of bird life and more than 500 varieties of plant and flower forms.

The lake Karapiro is a non-natural reservoir lake on the Waikato River made with the purpose of preserving water for the Karapiro Power Station.

blue-lakeThe river rafting through the River Kaituna is a memorable experience. One can venture for some soft adventure to the lake Waikaremoana. Waikaremoana means ‘sublimity’ in Maori which is rightly named so. The lake was formed last twenty centuries ago due to recurrent mud slides. The mud and silt present in this lake date back millions of years back. The jaw dropping scenery of this magnificent lake that spans about 50kms is best spanned through a laid back trek of a few days across valleys, dense evergreen forests of Kamahi passing the splendid waterfalls of Korokoro.

About five hours drive from Rotorua, one reaches the Lake Whakamarino, the ideal place for serious trekkers. One can trek to the nearby Lake Waikareiti and then hire boat ride to Rahui island.

Rotorua offers a surfeit of cultural influx which includes the rich, unique Hangi and Maori shows, geothermal spectacles and a nature lover’s haunt with its ponderous sights of lakes, gentle hills for fish catching, trekking, river rafting and a lot more.


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