Rio De Janeiro Carnival – Serenading Paradise Part – II

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carnaval rio de janeiroNorth of Leme, at the foyer to the Guanabara Bay, one can embrace the bountiful bliss of the Sugarloaf Mountain aboard a cable car commencing at Praia Vermelha or head out to the lover’s haven – The Island of Paqueta to sop up the magical views of the De Janeiro skyline. The Fort Santa Cruz da Barra that guards the entry to the Guanabara Bay is ideally viewed from the peak of Sugar Loaf. The serene, historic landmarks of Urca and Praia Vermelha located along the Guanabara Bay and just about the Sugar Loaf Mountain is a worth-while watch. The unique rock arrangements atop the towering 2,762 feet high Pedra da Gavea close to the botanical gardens are discernible from kilometres away. One can hang glide from the close by Pedra Bonita eventually landing on the Cucumber Beach located in Sao Conrado.

The Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is the wide spanning lagoon that lends soul stirring views of De Janeiro as it passes the Zona Sul Tunnel, covering most parts of the south zone, granting admission to the Tunnel Reboucas that eventually winds into the north zone.

de janeiro from sugarloaf mountain may 2004The North Zone is the abode of the eminent Maracana stadium with a holding capacity of 1,99,000, was developed for the football world championship in 1950’s, later modified to hold the Pan-American cup held in 2008. One can visit the Rio Zoo, learn to samba at the varied schools, haggle at the Feira de Paraibas market for budget friendly memorabilia or sample the carne seca, caipirinha. Renowned landmarks are the quaint Quinta da Boa Vista, the Rio de Janeiro International Airport, State University in Maracana and the Federal University in Fundao Island.

The West Zone comprises of cities like Jacarepagua, Recreio, the newly formed Barra de Tijuca, Campo Grande, Santa Cruz to site a few. The Barra de Tijuca is an upcoming metropolitan neighbourhood that seems to be considerably influenced by the western mores, having its own miniature version of the Statue of Liberty. It is a consumer haven with ample shopping options in its extensive cropping shopping malls. Campo Grande has developed steadily in the years and hosted some of the events in Pan American Games 2007.

Rio De Janeiro has the most frenzied nightlife with Lapa being the bohemian zone with numerous bars and clubbing areas. The Palaphita Kitch has the proud mention as the best kiosk winner with its eco-interior decor and Amazon motivated gastronomic delights. What commenced as an exotic cabaret back in the 20’s catering to the high fliers, gradually metamorphosed into cultural hub hosting live shows and theme parties. Try Forro dancing at the Casa Rosa for an incredibly mythical experience.

bxk1406 morumbi800The Shenanigan’s Irish Pub located in the central Zona Sul De Janeiro is ideal for those who savour a game of Billiards or a good steak with amazing drinks to top it. Other great options are the double floored Cristal Lounge in Ipanema and the Saturnino Bar located in Jardim Botanico for its fine variety of drinks in the offing.

One must experience the profligacy of the Carnival when in Rio that lasts five days and showcases fine world renowned parades at Sambodromo. Many samba schools practise with ardent fervour for months in advance to win the prestigious title. One can blend with the band of musicians, sip some invigorating drinks along the way, joining in with the bustle of myriad of huge floats, gyrating dancers, drag stars or enjoy the all night live concerts at Praca Floriano or Lapa.

Rio De Janeiro – Serenading Paradise Part – I

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  1. Carnival and football are with no doubt the real passion of Carioca’s (someone born in Rio), but as a very diverse country Brazil has plenty of other activities to offer as well. Access to find out about the variety of this beautiful country!

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