Raring At Rarotonga

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As I spoke to a French naval officer I once met, he said to me “Rarotonga is cool.  It’s almost like Tahiti, only without the French.”

Unveiling Rarotonga:

Well, he may have been kidding; but in most ways, Rarotonga is said to be a miniature Tahiti. The Cook Islands are said to be an independent country which is associated with New Zealand. Just like Tahiti, it is said to have its independent valleys and peaks which get surrounded by a coastal plain, an azure lagoon and a reef that extends offshore. Let’s not forget the gorgeous beaches that make an integral part of the complete picture here.

Rarotonga beach

Aitutaki – The Cousin:

Rarotonga has an enchanting sister who goes by the name Aitutaki. She can make up for the Bora Bora when you’re in Cook Islands.  Aitutaki is known to be surrounded by a lagoon that is both shallow and beautiful. It is, however, abundant in sea life that adds to its existing charm. When in Aitutaki, you must spend a day at the lagoon. There is an outpost here which is generally the highlight for any visit.

Rarotonga Aitutaki

Cook Islands and French Polynesia – Family Apart:

The Cook Islanders are known to have more in common than just beautiful islands. Just like the Tahitians, who live about 558 miles to the east, the Cook Islanders are also known to have an insatiable lust for happiness; and this lust is known to rub off on the visitors who come to tour the region. The Islanders are known to share about 60% of their language with the Tahitians and their respective lifestyles and religious practices were also said to be very similar in the days gone by. In fact, a number of Tahitians and Cook Islanders may even be related. Just like their cousins in Tahiti, the folk of Cook Island are known to have a keen interest in their past which is linked to Eastern Polynesia. They are extremely good at explaining the links to people who visit the region even today.

Rarotonga Cook Islands

Activities and Entertainment:

In addition to their Polynesian culture, the island folk have a number of activities that could help in satisfying almost everyone who sets foot there – snorkeling, sightseeing, diving and shopping. The beaches have white sand and the people are friendly and fun-loving. Most of them speak English. There are extremely affordable options when it comes to accommodation and restaurants that fall into almost all price ranges. The public transport system works pretty well. This region is known to host some of the best bars and dance shows that people see around the area. All of these could be experienced at a relatively reasonable place, making Rarotonga a region of the South Pacific that can pack in so much and that too on such small islands.

Rarotonga Snorkeling

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  1. Lynda Bird says:

    We arrived at Cook islands after Bora Bora,its best competition in South Pacific..The peopple are fantastic, accommodations very inexpensive, food is fantastic and the parade which everyone is supposed to join initially.
    We had a great time dancing here..It was better than that in Hawaii..
    The Sunday service in the churches is exceptionally good!! Had a great time here at Cook islands! :-)

  2. Rupanzell Highgroves says:

    We were at Cook islands and the Tamarind house restaurant was simply the best..We had an amazing dinner in an awesome setting!

  3. Wilma Smith says:

    Hi Rupanzell Highgroves!
    We recently had our wedding at Tamarind House in August 2010 and would easily give it a ten on ten rating for wedding, ceremony or dinner..
    The setup was beyond our expectations and our evening ended fantastically.All my family members and friends who attended the wedding claim that they have not seen a better wedding!

    Thank you so much for the post :-)

  4. Grace Dryden says:

    We were at Rarotonga last year and WHAT A GREAT TIME WE HAD HERE! The kitesurfing is especially commendable and made my day! We were kitesurfing at Muri beach in Muri lagoon..The lagoon is about chest to waist deep..Surrounded by great scenery and protected from the ocean it is a great place to learn how to surf kites!!

  5. Alex Rabe says:

    Thanks for the AWESOME post! :-)
    Enjoyed reading it! Thanks!! Keep posting!

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